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Superspeed foods


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Do you make an extra effort to eat superspeed foods?

Our consultant this morning said that eating 5 more superspeed foods makes all the difference. I can't remember now if she meant 5 extra a day or 5 extra a week.

I was looking through the Food Optimising book and it seems to be mainly fruits and there is no way I could add loads more of these (a lot of them I don't like, anyway!)

What do you do?
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I normally only manage to eat 2 'super speed foods' a day, just cant seem to eat that much!


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I have blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, I can't think what else. I try to have them daily. I only lost 0.5lb last week so can't imagine they make much difference!! I guess it also depends what you eat on top of all that too!! x


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i don't worry about it to be honest. If i happen to be having them so be it. My losses don't seem too bad for not doing it!


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Yep, I try to eat lots - it's not just fruit, baked beans, mushy peas, haddock, cod, some other beans and fish (without my book I don't know for sure!)

But mushy peas and baked beans are def SS and great!


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well i never knew beans was lol you live and learn also peas,cockles,yellow plums,rhubarb,limes, to name a few more

isnt quorn a ss food?


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S: 11st0lb C: 9st7lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 21.5 Loss: 1st7lb(13.64%)
not that i like it lol but others may and i remember them saying at class that it was a ss
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I aim for 5 superspeed a day, more if possible :) I've been through a phase recently of trying to have whole superfree days - both speed and superspeed foods.

If you count them up, it's really easy. It's not just the fruit and veg, although they're the bulk of it. There's quorn, eggs...and on red/green days there are other free foods that are superspeed.

Mucho choice :D

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