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support from your oh and family?

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Just wondered what kid of support you are all getting from you OH and family?

im very luck that my hubby is doing this with me (we have both turned into porkers) and it is definitely helping that we have each other.

family on the other hand is slightly different. my dad keeps telling me how hard it must be even though i assure him its not. i can tell my mum and sister just think "weve heard this before..."

determined to show them I / we willl be slim... fed up of always being the fat friend / daughter / sister / colleague (delete as applicable).

so glad i accidentally stumbled accross minimins a few weeks ago - it is definitely a life saver!

good luck to everyone on this journey xxx
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How great your OH is doing it too! My OH is naturally skinny and has never really understood why I have problems with my weight... he spends the evenings eating biscuits while telling me to 'just eat less!'
I still have to cook for him and DS but surprisingly am not finding it too hard (except for the fact I can't taste anything I'm cooking so not sure how good my cooking is these days!)
My family are OK I guess.... My mum does a really exaggerated 'oh soooo sorry' everytime she eats in front of me, despite the fact I've told her 100 times it doesn't bother me! My sister is so impressed she's thinking of doing a VLCD too :)
Good luck, hope all is going well
my hubby is pretty good , although he is one of the few people who gets no pleasure at all out of food or eating , so he really struggles to understand my issues with food , which is hard .

My mother on the other hand is terrible . My last stint on VLCD I did it for 6 months straight , and I will admit that towards the end I wasnt feeling my best , so came off it . I have maintained for 6 months or so and am just back to loose the last bit , 6 weeks at the most I reckon and she is being aweful ........ refuses to talk to me about it , just keeps making snidey comments that i am definately going to regain it ALL , that I am stupid , blah blah blah .... to be honest she is really upsetting me about it all and I now just dont listen toher at all !!!! grrrrr


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My oh has been more absent minded than unhelpful. He just doesn't think sometimes. He said he didn't know why i needed to do it as he loves me regardless. But i think he gets that i needed to do it for me. The kids are pretty good, they don't taunt me. I struggle slightly seeing mealtimes, so i am not around at tea time. I have a few fb friends who think i'm slightly mad but i was before i started exante anyway!

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hi all
my OH is doing the ts with me which is great as we r supporting each other but family and work mates think im stupid " thats not healthy dieting/and once u come of it u will put it all back on" but after telling them more about exante that we all get 100% rda of vitamins and minerals, they are more understanding. and a few of them r thinking of joining us :) plus this 1st week i have never felt so healthy. :):):)


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My OH says he supports me but seems to try to sabotage me. I dont think he's doing it deliberately but he does it anyway. I keep asking him not to and that we will all benefit from a thin healthy me.

He would eat unhealthy a lot and I believe he has type II diabetes now. He already has cholesterol over 9. I have nagged him into getting a doc app and he made it for 8:30 in the am on my birthday *sigh*. I would reckon it will my my turn to support him soon.
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My OH is a bodybuilder and has just qualified as a personal trainer. He eats huge portions of anything he wants, but its mostly healthy high protein stuff. I've picked up some real bad habits from him in the form of huge portion sizes and eating whenever I'm peckish. On the other hand he is really supportive of the diet, he totally encourages me to stick with it and exercise and just wants me to be healthy and happy. Everyone else is like "you will put the weight back on straight after, you should do it like this blah blah"...The truth is I've tried everything they suggest so this HAS to work!


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See i've heard alot of people say it will all pile back on and more. But surely it will only pile back on me for instance, if i let it. If i make bad choices, if i haven't learned my lesson an if i can't resist temptation. I know for a fact i won't walk down the road and have to run and hide in shame as my bum returns nutty profressor style! If all else fails i'm gonna just say my doctor felt it was needed to reduce weight/prep for surgery/kick start a diet etc. No one bats an eyelid if u start taking alli then end up re enamelling the toilet!

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I don't start the diet until Wednesday but so far my family and OH are very supportive. It's the people at work I worry about, I have told 2 people from there and 1 was positive about me starting it and the other was all "oh you don't want to do that, you'll never stick it" which was a bit of a downer. I'm thinking I'll just tell the girls I go to lunch with and not bother mentioning it to anyone else unless they need to know.


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I haven't started yet...parcel should be here today, so ready for a Tuesday kick off.

OH is very supportive so far in words, but on every other diet I have tried he is not that thoughtful before going to fetch himself a bottle of wine and munchies to eat whilst watching TV in the evening.....I just sit there salivating!...Maybe this time I need to remove myself and go for a walk instead!

But I already have my comment ready for anyone that thinks I am daft in trying a VLCD........`your not morbidly obese and constantly depressed, I therefore suggest you keep you opinions to yourself!`

Hopefully that will shame them into shutting up!


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My OH is fine. He's worried, even though I keep telling him I'm healthier now than I was before. The main reason I think is because I have a friend who did lighter life who had real problems maintaining - she yoyo'd throughout the week and binge at the weekend, and whilst she kept the weight off for ages, she put it all back on when she got pregnant. He saw it happen and thinks I'll do the same. To be honest though, yo-yoing asides, if I got pregnant again I'd probably put on again too, regardless of how I lost it in the first place. I'm not living in cloud cuckoo land. Thats just what happens. He even buys his own food now so I dont have to cook for him on an evening. I still cook for the kids, although I'm finding it harder not to eat what I'm making them as the weeks go on lol!


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That's great your OH is doing it too, must make it so much easier on you both!

My OH is great, really supportive & has told me how proud he is of me everyday, he can't believe how strong willed I've been! Me either actually!

I've decided not to tell family or friends until I've lost a bit of weight first! I'm just staying clear of social meet ups that include food and/or alcohol for now! Once they all start noticing how much weight I've lost, and I'm completely confident in myself & the diet I'll open up! It's just my little secret at the moment, & I like it this way! :)

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My hubby has been really good - he cooks for himself and eats in another room. He also tells me how proud he is and how hard it must be and he is always asking what he can do to help which is good.

My dad is worried that it is not good for me but mum is also supportive and waiting to start her own weight loss journey - I told one close friend who thought I was mad lol other than that nobody but you guys know I am doing this.

I think I will tell them all when the new me emerges :D I can't be doing with people telling me what I should or shouldn't be doing to my own body!

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