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Support needed!

Hi everyone. I've decided I'm re-joining a group tomorrow. I simply cannot do it alone!! My bf who I'm sure is like a lot of your boyfriends simply doesn't comment on my weight and eats a lot of bad food himself. I need to go to group just for the support. I've put my home scales away or else I get addicted and I'm hopping on left right and centre!!! I've joined the gym so it's quite an exciting time. Any support would be greatly appreciated.
Sarah :)
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hiya. i have weekend bad bf , we live together but at weekend he eats anything , in the week he is strict with me. i love gym and go loads. get urself decent mp3 and its great fun, people watching my fav, we have one lad who sings and runs, he is soooo funny. anything u need help with , we are all here
Thanks :) at the mo I keep trying to go to classes and dragging someone from work
With me!!! If I went to the gym I know I'd do five mins and think I've had enough of this whereas the class is an hour!!!
Good luck with re joining a group. I am doing it alone but would really love to go to a group but dont have a lot of time and dont really like the idea of going on my own

I do try to exercise daily but doesnt always happen.

I do try to pop on here daily I do find it keeps me motivated even if I dont have a chance to chat just reading some of the posts helps

Good luck with your weight loss xx


Wishing and hoping!
The best thing is to go to group if your struggling, best decision I have made and it has had a hugh impact on motivating me. You be a maxed at how much it has an influence and I am learning to say no to people who say do you want a bit of this and that, which I tohught I would never do as I am so weak at times when it comes to food :)
Well I'm glad I decided to join!! I weigh more than ever!! My stats on my profile are wrong due to being on my I phone app!! Looking forward to an exciting week although I'm working nights tonight till fri morning so I'm hoping I manage ok!!
Good Luck, I think i need the group, i need to feel accountable, if i was doing it alone may be inclined to accidently on purpose forget a syn ot two ;)

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