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Support required!!!! And I don't mean of the bra kind!


I'm new to this forum (bloody excellent by the way, especially the before and after piccies - that WILL be me if I ever get the guts together to actually take a photo below the chin :)) and I thought I would write a post asking if any of the newbies like me, or even the returners, would like to take me under their wing and be my starvation buddy? I mean, they do it at AA and it seems to work for alkies, so why not for foodies like me?;) Plus if you have someone to help you through the times where you are more *ahem* tempted to eat then you are more inclined to stick to the diet. Well, I am anyways!:)

I've been a chubster for 10 years after the birth of my 1st child led me to a 6.5 stone weight gain. I've decided that I need to lose weight because I've just turned 30 and I'm fed up of feeling like poop about myself, being lethargic and gorging on carbs. This diet is something I can do for me, as opposed to my kids or my hubby, and when it's all over and done with I can look back and be proud of the fact that I've taken fate into my own hands and acheived my goal. So far in I can say that I'm not missing eating really, in fact I'm enjoying cooking for the family and watching them eat because it means that I'm even more determined to succeed. Plus the food smells curb my appetite!:eek:

I've been on SS+ for 4 days, taking 3 packets and a wee bit o milk for my splenda'd tea or coffee. Was 15 st 8 lb on day one :eek: and am currently 14 st 12 ;) My target weight is 11 st - a long journey ahead but it's not going to kill me, is it? So if anyone would like to be Louise to my Thelma then let me know!

P.S I am very confident that this diet works after researching the science of it - it's the emotional part of the diet that might be a struggle as I've discovered I'm a comfort eater!:p and at the moment am very positive about the outcome so you will get plenty of good karma from me too!!!

P.P.S How do you get one of those ticker thingies telling you how you are doing?
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hiya, welcome to mini's lots of support here. If you click on my ticker that will take you to the ticer factory where you can creat your own. its great fun. then just copy the link you get and paste it into your signiture here :D :D happy days :D :D

becky x
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hey .......... we all support each other ......... well done with your loss so far xx


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Hi Chebs!!!...

Welcome to Minimins.... good luck on your weight loss journey.. will catch up soon!!

Roosters xx
We are all here to support you and in turn we hope you will support us. This forum is a dieter's best friend and the more active you are - the more you will get out of it. I am not in a position to join a group in my locality and this is definitely my lifeline to keeping positive about what I am attempting to do. I started 7th Jan and to date have lost 3 stone 10lbs. I am now in the upper 13 stone range and my FINAL target will be to reach 11 stone. So our paths will be pretty similar. I shall be just ONE of your buddies if you would like. It is a relatively long trek to reach the goal but then there are mini targets that can help us to slice it up and feel the satisfaction of achievement. My next target is to get to 13 stone "hopefully" by the end of April. I shant beat myself up if it doesnt happen by that time but I shall do all I can to keep on track and hope that the weight loss reflects the effort. So good start ..... keep posting and reading other posts to help you stay focussed.
your buddy - Di
I'll be a buddy too. :gen126:I'm a newbie too and find there are pleanty of peeps here happy to advice, support and inspire. Good luck with this CD journey :D
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Welcome onboard Chebs, you've come to the right place, there is oodles of advice and support to be found on Minis! Well done on getting to day 4 and keep us posted with how you're doing!

Ah just got back from a day's outing to B and Q - nearly passed out with all the excitement / exertion! Thanks to all of you for replying and I will be on this forum daily you mark my words!!!! Just having my chicken and mushroom soup about hours late and man, I can feeeeel it!!!

Porgeous, Oh MY G O D! IS that really the same person?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


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Hi Chebs and welcome to this amazing community...:D:D:D:D

Lacey x :)
S: 14st1lb C: 8st10lb BMI: 23 Loss: 5st5lb(38.07%)
Ooo Chicken and Mush, I used to love that one, enjoy!

Same person.....yes and no, genetically the same person but so different in so many ways, inside and out, thanks hun!

I find "they do it at AA and it seems to work for alkies " quite offensive. Otherwise I wish you well on your diet xxx
Hi Wenjay,

Sorry I've offended you but why do you find that offensive? The reason I posted this to begin with is that the buddy system got me through my problem 3 years ago. Speaking from an alkie's perspective, I don't mind being called an alkie. So unless you yourself are an alkie, like me, then you shouldn't take offence, should you? Personally, it was this attitiude that got me through my alcohol addiction and it will be this attitude that will get me through my food addiction. Did you also take offence to me calling myself a chubster in that post too?

PS I am scottish, and we call alcoholics alkies - even the meetings were called Alkies Anon by my councillor!!!!! Maybe it's the culture barrier....:0) We tend not to mince our words where I come from...
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Hi Chebs,
Really sorry about the post, had a really bad week and felt bad soon after,
I totally took things the wrong way. Hope you'll forgive me and we can be diet buddies ? Although I have a lot to lose we can support each other. Once again Sorry Hun xxx
Hi Chebs,
Really sorry about the post, had a really bad week and felt bad soon after, I totally took things the wrong way. Hope you'll forgive me and we can be diet buddies ? Although I have a lot to lose we can support each other. Once again Sorry Hun xxx

Don't worry about it luvvie! I am sooooo used to people taking what I say the wrong way, if I had a pound for every time someone said they were offended I would be rich! Although I would prefer Euros these days, seeing as the pound is worth not a lot at the mo :D I'm just wired this way. It takes a lot for me to be offended and I still haven't realised that with some people, it takes a wee bit less XX

How much do you have to lose? And how are you doing? We all have bad days, just ask my hubby! I've been a proper biyatch to him all weekend! I am due on though so he should just take it like a man and be greatful that I chose him as my mate hahahahahahahahahaha!:D
Hi chebs, I would be pleased to buddy up with you!!

Am on day 3 of ss, have tried and failed before but am determined to keep onto it this time!! I was 22st 13lb's when I started...am now at 19st 10lb's...however had lost 5lb's as of yesterday, managed to refrain from weighin today so will c tomorrow how I'm doin, official w/i not til friday evening!

How are you getting on?

kate xx