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Trim T

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My husband came in on from work on Friday evening with a HUGE bouquet of pink lillies (my fave's)Why?....

Because he's so proud of how well i've done with my diet.

It got me wondering how supportive everyone elses other half has been throughout this difficult journey.

T xx
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awww how lovely, mine is forever complimenting me.... and always seems to think i'm thinner than i actually am ( maybe i am in his eyes) he takes me shopping and makes me try on stuff that i never would normally, and lots of it looks good!!! ha ha

He remind me everyday how big i was and how much i've acheived!!!!

Nas x


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Hi T, that's sooo lovely and it makes you feel great when your OH can see the difference in you.
My other half has been amazingly supportive of me throughout, i was wary of starting CD cos i thought he would balk at the idea due to the cost and the restrictive nature of the diet but no he said 'Love if you want to do it i'm with you 100%', he was great from the start cooking all the food and doing the shopping until I decided i was ok to do it too and he bought me fleecy pj's and a new fluffy dressing gown when i was complaining of being so cold all the time, that was a nice suprise. He's also been worried about getting any takeaway food but I have ok'd it now and again and managed fine. I don't think i could have done it without him and without this forum too.



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well mine doesn't like cooking for just one so the poor thing has been living on sandwiches and cereal when at home because i just can't cook if i can't eat it. he eats well at work though, so i don't feel so bad, ha. but it's also so we can afford for me to do this. it does occur to me though that i need to lose this weight fast, just in case he gets scurvy...

he also sees the differences when i don't :)

abz xx


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Mine is supportive, & compliments me on my loss, bless him, but has never been one to buy clothes for any of us, i even buy his lol. As for cooking, i'm still preparing three meals a day, altho my eldest does the school sandwiches.
I would like a break from the kitchen, but on the positive, being around food has got easier & is probably helping me control myself long-term.
The flowers sound lovely by the way! Simone x

Less Rotund One

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That was such a lovely gesture - its great when they appreciate your work and effort.

Mine is pretty good too - although like most men, he has a back-handed way of giving a compliment eg. he showed me a picture I had taken at a wedding in summer (where I thought I look nice) and said

"look what a bloater you are in that picture compared to now..."

I think its called "giving with one hand and taking with the other." - I suppose he was trying to compliment me.

I have not trained him up in women speak compliments. We'll see. :D

LRO xx

Trim T

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S: 12st10lb C: 11st3lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 26.9 Loss: 1st7lb(11.8%)
Girls i think we are very lucky women and it is so lovely to hear how much support you are all having too.

I think it makes the journey a whole lot easier when you know someone is as pleased with the results as you are.


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my hubs questioned me at first especially as i was doing SS+. id put a piece of chicken in my mouth and he said "dont over do it" (what, with bloody chicken......? LOL, its better than chocolate and anyway I was on track). After two weeks I have dropped almost 17lbs and im in my old clothes again and he keeps saying i look so healthy.
He is being good and cooking his and our daughters meals.
To me, that the best support ever :)


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Hi all,

What a great thread this is!

I'm really pleased to hear how supportive your other halves are being. Sometimes there seem to be lots of posts on this website with titles like "Grrr, men are stupid" and "Why are husbands so cr*p?" and so on... so this is a refreshing change!

My wife has been amazing, very very supportive and encouraging, lots of compliments and kindness, also several non-food-related 'rewards' from time to time (cufflinks, ties, gadgets).



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my hubby is briliiant, is supportive of everything i do and even tho I've been struggling a bit at weightwatchers he keep encouraging me to keep going and is always asking how he can help.
I couldn't have got to here without him

miss piggy

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I'm one of the lucky ones too! My hubby has been super supportive! Bizarrely he is trying to gain weight (JEALOUS) at the same time i am trying to lose it! We laugh at each other when we are standing in the kitchen drinking our milkshakes together. His one shake has the calories of my whole days worth - LOL!! And he is also eating my share of the household food!

Unfortunately he works really long hours so i am still preparing all the food for him & the kids but he always tells me how much he appreciates it! I love it especially when he comments on my shrinking!


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lol..............i have an underweight hubby as well,when i have my tetra he has a 500 cal full fat milk protein shake ,how funny is that.and everything i cook him is done in the chip pan,or fried.hee heee.he loves my shrinking body and actually said yesterday when i was wearing my size14 skirt and 12 top ,that i should stop now,but like i said to him when the scales say i am right then i will stop.


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My hubby is also very supportive. He has taken over cooking for himself which is such a help and I just get on with my shakes, he also has started eating more better, and hasnt brought in a take away for 2 months. it's been so much help having him just being there.
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Can i borrow your husbands please????

Mine is happy to see me lose the weight, but as for flowers and compliments, no chance. LOL. Wouldn't change him for the World though, well, not often !!


My husband Glenn is very supportive too. He does the cooking, looks after the children, cleans and irons! I'm so lucky.

He is so proud of me and my weight loss. Can't wait for our 10th anniversary in April. I will be a new smaller wife for him!:)


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I'm lucky too. The first couple of weeks I tried to avoid the kitchen and he would get his own meals. n He has give me so much encouragement and compliments me everyday about how great I look. We've been married 30 years this year!


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Mine's been terrific. I think he was a bit cautious at first to comment, but is pretty vocal now in his praise. He's also turning into a pretty good cook now and is starting to boss me about in the kitchen a bit. Considering that when we moved in together that his kitchen had precisely one bottle of brown sauce, two mugs, a plate, a spoon and a kettle... it's funny to see him fussing about with my kitchen gear.

Flowers, tho - wow - just trying to imagine that! Lucky girl, you!