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Supportive OH's (NOT!!!!)

Have had a very testing weekend - am aware that am a grumpy irritable smelly breathed hungry moo at the moment - but my OH ate (in the space of 1.5 hours ) a chicken madras with special rice, 2 poppadums, 1 garlic naan bread, a packet of haribo, a huge portion of raspberry ice cream and had 2 beers - all on Saturday night. I had a chicken soup and HATED HIM!!!!! Am kinda over it now but jeez! his life was seriously in danger for some considerable time! We have 2 labradors who usually follow food from plate to mouth with their big brown pleading eyes and two long lines of drool hanging from their jowls - now he has a 3rd - ME!!!!! Was too cold to leave the room! :cry:
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atleast you didnt get tempted, think wen your done, you can just chill and not have to worry and he will have a massive gut!


I will be skinny again!!!
I know what you mean..

My boyfriend does exactly the same thing and its horrible!!

Like this weekend he had a mcdonalds on Friday when he got in from work.. The winter feast burger Looked amazing and he at it infront of me... he then had a fresh cream bun with chocolate and stuff on it...

Then on saturday after we all got in from shopping, him AND gwang both got a mcdonalds... Winterfeast burgers again and ate them right infront of me...

I have to admit I ver very very nearly caved and went and got myself one!!!

His reply when i complain about this is that he shouldnt have to TipToe arround me... which is true but they could be slightly more considerate...


Strong women stay slim
well as you lose OH gains , crist eating like that , that made me laugh you are the third one drolling lol , just think every mouthful he tucks away is more weight going on him hehe


Strong women stay slim
chelly... that man of yours is out of order , hey when you get to goal he will be sorry lol


I will be skinny again!!!
Lol to be honest he hasnt really shown any interest in my diet...

He hasnt complimented me once, the only acknowledge meant i get from him is if i ask him if i look slimmer!! I usually get a grunt or a I dont know as a reply!! lol!!
"at least you didnt get tempted, think wen your done, you can just chill and not have to worry and he will have a massive gut! "

If only that were true! For some reason his weight has been pretty stable over the past 5 years wheras mine has gone up like a skyrocket - the git!

Chellywelly - mine also says he doesnt have to tip toe around me and that its not his fault - I suppose expecting him to eat food that doesnt smell (all I could come with was tomatoes which he wasnt impressed by) may be seen as unreasonable by some - but OMG how I wanted that garlic naan!! And a beer;)


Strong women stay slim
Chelly , you keep going and find surrport here , i'm sure if he is a tad jealous hehe . Men are very different to women in they never seem to be able to talk , sorry not all but most . its Tv and games and pub .
Keep going girl your doing great


My husband = My hero
Everyones boyfriends make me wana kick them in the nuts!!!

ladies i cant believe how well your doind WITHOUT any support from your smelly OH's

mine is fantastic, i have to literally force him to eat, oterhwise he would die haha he feels terrible so much so i have to sneak out of bed and cook him bacon on toast or somethin just so i know he will eat!!

you need to kick those fellas in to touch, as when your skinny and fabulouse, they will be sorry when there is flocks of fellas after your skinny behinds...

i would casually slip that into conversation haha xxx


Team 1 all the way!
Snap! My other half is eating like a pig- partly due to the fact that I am a food pervert and feeding him anything and everything I fancy. But guess what? The B*£$^%d has LOST 7lb. ARRRGGGHHHHHH!


Here we go again!
I don't know how you are doing this without support from your OHs. I couldn't do it if mine wasn't supportive. He's been great from the start cos he knows I really want to do this.


My husband = My hero
snap! x
lol best way through it is being single lol
Single is starting to sound like a plan. Last night he had bacon sandwiches (bacon - bacon - what an ar*e), followed by raspberry pavlova ice cream, followed by Haribo, topped off with a mars bar. I had chicken soup. ITS NOT FAIR I JUST WANT TO BE NORMAL AND HAVE SOME FOOD AND MAYBE A GLASS OF WINE AND GO OUT AND NOT WEE EVERY 20 MINUTES - but than thats what got me onto this freaky diet so I guess its weeks and weeks of kacky soup, peeing, always peeing, stinky breathing, safety pins in trousers so look like a scruffy cow, not going out..... can you tell I'm having a bad day? Why am I so miserable on this damn diet - where's MY happy feeling of ketosis and large weight lossess (if I could throw myself down on the ground and stamp my hands and feet whilst whining I would you know!) I cant even go shopping goddamn it - cant buy clothes, cant buy food, I have no idea what to do with myself - all I do is clean! Grrrrr - rant over.


Here we go again!
What do you mean where are your large weight losses? You've done brilliantly up to now. The weight is coming off and you should be really proud of what you've done up to now.

This diet is hard, we all know it's hard but if we want to get those good damn results then we have to stick to it and be good! Just remember, it's not forever and soon you will be able to enjoy food again and not feel so out in the cold. Keep up the good work, you are doing really well. Good luck! Hope you feel happier and more positive real soon.


Strong women stay slim
What about some pamering , think you need it girl
Think of seeing a show , starting looking whats about .
You sound down , but take a look at your loses ok and say it really is worth it , come on now more postives of what you can do , forget the can'ts :) and think it will catch your OH up one day
or chin up hun and if you have to put a pin in your trousers thats great im pissed off this week as i have only lost 2 pound but i know i have to keep going x


I will be skinny again!!!
Im going to get my nails done on thursday to cheer myself up :)

Im off work after today for 3 weeks and im going to find it SOOO hard to fill the space!!!
I think you all deserve a huge pat on the back! What you are doing is bloody hard and take alot of personal resolve. You can only understand how it feels if you are doing it. My OH has been supportive but rarely mentions it. He has no idea what its like to go to the loo a zillion times a day, or feel in such need of food (not hunger!) that you would rip someones head off for a cornflake!

There are good days and bad days. Somedays I feel resentful, and somedays I feel smug. But mostly its my feelings and I need to deal with them the best way I can. And thankgod for this site I say!


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