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Suprise meal out tonight - HELP NEEDED PLEASE


Fighting the bulge

So i did know but completely forgot that we are suppose to be going out for dinner tonight with work as we have a new starter.

Were going to the Zen Noodle Bar in
Chelmsford, i tried to upload their menu but it wont work on my computer and i have no idea what to have!!

As id forgotten about it i have bought some dinner for this evening already and so dont know whether to go home and have that and then just have a side dish or something?!?!?

Oh goodness me im confused!! Im having such a good week and would like to continue that way, im not really fussed about going but it would be really rude not to but at the same time its a shame to waste syns on something i dont really want to do!?!

Any suggestions??

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Mrs V

Loves Life!
You could either do as you have already suggested..pop home first and join them for drinks after? That way, you can still be in control and still welcome the newbie without being rude. Or, you can make today an EE day and make safer choises when you get there.
hye hun i would suggest stick with good choices! stay away from satay sauces, i dont really know much about a noodle bar as i have never been to one lol!


Fighting the bulge
Thank you both!!

Ive never been to one either!! I have queried it and they are just going for a meal - no drinks!!

What i might do is go home have something to eat and then have a small portion ie a starter or something instead.

ZEN Noodle Bar - Chelmsford - Menu

heres the menu can any of you access it and give me some healthy choices? I am on an EE day



Fighting the bulge
I have decided that im going to be a fuss pot and ask for plain boiled rice with some vegetables or something, i can have a bit of chicken or something at home so i wont miss it, everything on the takeway menu has fried written under it!!



Fighting the bulge

Just got in from the meal, i had 3 prawn crackers, squid for starters and boiled rice with prawn for a main. The prawns came lightly battered and with a sweet and sour sauce on them which i wasnt pleased about!! I wiped the sauce off most of it though!

What do you reakon the syns are for what i had?? guesstamations welcome lol xx


Fighting the bulge
Thanks for this, i had a bit of a google about this morning and decided that it was 13 syns altogether.

The squid was just with chillis and was dry (so no sauce)

The 50g pancake roll (which it wasnt even that) is 5 syns - calculated by calories divided by 20

The battered prawns in a sweet chilli sauce is on syns on the website as 19 syns for 300g. I picked the prawns out and wiped the sauce off and so only had at most 100g which is 6.5 syns.

3 of their mini prawn crackers i have counted as 2 large ones so 1.5 syns for the 2

Im quite pleased with this as i have over estimated everything incase of hidden syns anywhere!! My total for the day was 15.5 so not too bad!!


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