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Surely not 3lbs in 4 days!!!

sad face meaning put on and NOt taken off!!

I lost 7lbs last week and was jumping for joy.... had my WI on tuesday. Its now totm and i decided to jump on the scales and it says i've put ON 3lbs since Tuesday!!! Im SS'ing completely. Is this possible?? 3lbs of retained water???

Got me down in the dumps now.....

Just wondered if other girls noticed a big jump in weight when it was totm!!


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yep.. i avoid the scales like the plague at these times!! :D keeping my eye on the long term objective and trusting the CD is far more valuable than the emotional rollercoater we all get ourselves into sometimes... awww... don't be sad... be pleased that you're healthy and your body's doing normal things :D



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Fingers crossed its a case of dodgy scales. If the worst happens and it has gone on because of TOTM you know logically that it and more will be off again soon. CD does work, so don't worry about it.
I recently got on the scales and had gained 6 pounds from morning to evening!!!
But water does weigh very heavy!!
The next day it had all gone again...
Did you weigh at same time as day and in same clothes???
Remember if you don't weigh naked (not your CDC;s :) ) clothes such as jeans and sweatshirt could add 5lb :)

Don't fret.... One thing I have learnt on this journey is that it is the over all losses that count, not the day to day fluctuations.

Oh my, you really need not worry at all. Totm is bad for all of us, but even then, all scales are different and like tilly said, times, how much water you drank, etc etc. A pint of water weighs 1 and 1/4 pounds, (i keep posting this so everyone will know). Dont fret, I am sure it is very temporary. Chin up!


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I actually just posted today about being up 2lbs since yesterday whilst completely SS, and it's not even my TOTM so I know exactly how you feel, but I believe my increase was because of lack of water so I've upped my intake. Any chance it could be the same with you? Also, TOMT seems to have an effect on everyone so relax, I'm sure it's fine. You know yourself that you haven't cheated so it's pretty much impossible for you not to have lost anything, I'd say it is just water retention, wait until your finished TOMT before you start worrying (easier said than done I know, I should take my own advice :) )


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Top of the Mops - That famous chart music telly programme... OMG :eek: - I REALLY Need to get on with my work!! HAHAHA
I dont pesonally have this problem but my cycle is all over the place coz of the diet but be sure that if you put it on this week it will come off next week for sure if your 100% so dont worry too much
thanks all!

i will avoid the scales methinks at this time. It was sheer curiosity. My clothes are looser, so i know im still losing. Fingers crossed its all water!

good luck everyone



Well I got on the scales yesterday and was 10.04 and TOTM had just arrived, drank loads more water yesterday than I usually do (as hadn't been great) and this morning am 10.01......so YES, TOTM has a big effect with me on the scales.....don't fret, glug the water and you'll soon lose it.


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I don't lose an ounce for four or five days when due totm.... ~Infact it's the hardest time to do the diet I think.

Give it a couple of days & you'll have dropped that & some... xx

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