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Survived first day - bring it on!

Can't believe it but have lasted the day! :D Feeling really good right now. Normally I'm such a greedy person I was dreading how hungry I would feel on this, but I'm chuffed to say I've only felt a bit hungry a couple of times and its passed really quickly.
Have cooked two meals for the family tonight and didn't get tempted, so I'm treating myself to a green tea icelolly I made earlier. Don't know if its because I'm feeling good or not, but it tastes great!
Hopefully tomorrow will be just as good, I'm expecting it to be harder because my grumbly tummy will really be expecting to be fed! Going to get weighed on Weds so I'm sure that will keep me focused!
Thanks for all the support, everyone, hope you all had a good day too.
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Back on the diet train...
aww thats great hun!!! just keep in mind why u doin this diet an keep drinkin the water then it will be weigh day b4 u no it!!! :)

u go girl!! :D
Thanks Bex :) Seem to be really enjoying this so far- think its because I'm finally taking control of my life!
Know I shouldn't have, but hopped onto scales this morning 'cos I'm nosey, and I'm 4lbs lighter than yesterday!! :D
I'm sure its all just water, but it didn't half give me a boost!
Have a good day :)


Back on the diet train...
hey thats great but try not 2 use ur scales hun, only coz the body is strange how it releases fat etc an u might think u aint lost owt an get disheartened but then u av a fab loss on weigh day. it can get stressful. ;)

i no wot u mean tho, im enjoyin the diet loads better than the last few times ive been on it. like u sed its finally bein in control an thinkin i am goin to be slim an heathy, well thats me anyway. :)

u sound positive hun which is great an will keep u focused. :D. good luck.


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