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Suse's LT Journey - Part 2

Hi All
Day 3
Started LT on 7th September and since then lost 3 and a half stone. Got down to 13 stone 9 just before Christmas. Went onto lo carb the 3 weeks before Christmas and managed to keep losing on 2 shakes and 1 lo carb meal. But I'm afraid Christmas got the better of me and when hubby bought 2 boxes of my favourite crisps (Tayto Cheese & Onion), I completely folded. I forgot Tayto were one of my triggers, I can cope with any other crisp in the house, but not Tayto. And so began an orgy of carb loading never seen before in the history of womankind. And after all that abuse, I only put on 5lbs! I made 4 attempts to restart on TFR after 26th Dec, but failed miserably. However, I was successful on Tuesday and didn't succomb to any weaknesses, the Tayto are gone out of the house never to return. I've decided to write a diary, which I didn't do last time, in an attempt to keep me motivated for the rest of my journey. I have been lurking on the site over christmas, even though I didn't log on because I was in no position to offer support having fallen off the wagon myself. I've been keeping in touch with how everyone's been doing. Well done to those who managed to keep this up over Christmas, you're towers of strength!​
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addicted to minimins!!
hey ssue! welcome back..Christmas is a tough time for all of us, so dont you worry. 5lbs is nothing youll have that gone in no time! id give out to your hubby for bringing in the tayto though,no matter how yummy they are!!...which they are lets face it,,probably the best! anyway well done for getting back on board and great idea to start the diary!

best of luck! :D xx
Thanks Pudge for the support, the kids love Tayto too as well as hubby, and it's really hard over Christmas to stop them all having Crisps just cause i'm on a diet, well it's over now and good riddance!

Well the good news is I checked this morning and I'm back in ketosis. Headaches gone, loads of energy feel really up for it. Was out of shakes, so had to change my weigh in day from Tuesday, which I'd prefer, to Friday (today). Not to worry, TBH, I feel so motivated (right now) it wouldn't worry me what day I weigh in. Delighted I have lost 4 of the 5 lbs I put on over Christmas. So am really in a good position to face into next week. When the kids go back to school on Monday, I intend going back to the gym in the mornings. Will be putting 2 12 hour shifts at work on Saturday & Sunday, I don't mind, will be busy and not thinking of food. But I know Monday could be dodgy, Monday is my Friday as I'm off for 2 days and I always feel mentally I should "chill" after a busy weekend and this used to include lots of food and alcohol. I did get out of this habit before xmas, but Monday will be a test. At least I know it's coming and so should be prepared to leave the house or do whatever I have to do to avoid the temptation. Anyhoo onwards & downwards?
Welcome back SSusee.. I haven't started back yet, but your gain of only 5lb was great.. (I had done 12lb last time i checked!! lol)..

You sound like you are in the zone now hun, and ketosis has kicked in, so wayhayyyyyyyyy x x x


Fighting for My Health
Hey hun, are you still about? How you getting on? xx
Hi Jayne
I see you're doing really well - you're really "in the Zone". Keep it up, you're an inspiration. Thanks for asking about how I was doing, because I wasn't going to even admit to it I'm so disgusted with myself until I forced myself to write it down and look at it.
Had a bit of a disastrous few days diet wise. Saturday went well but on Sunday I was so busy at work I went 7 hours without eating or drinking, was ravenous when I finished and by the time I got home I couldn't stop myself from eating the apple tart OH bought for Sunday desert. On Monday I checked and I was still in ketosis - just about -so got on the wagon again and was very good till about 4.30 pm but for some reason, I don't know why, I just picked up & ate 6 sweets from the box of Roses left over from Christmas. The reason they're left over is nobody likes the ones left, including me. Yet I jeopardised my diet by eating them, in the full knowledge what I was doing!! It's so stupid. Anyway yesterday wasn't much better! So today I'm making a real effort to stay 100%. I'll be off to work at 2pm, so it will be fine as there's no temptation at work. But I know once I get through the first day of 100%, I'll be ok for the rest. And I HAVE to make sure to have my water and shakes or I run the risk of jeopardising the whole thing! I'm dreading Friday's weigh in now.
Suse, I hope you don't mind me poking my nose in? Have you thought about getting some of the tfr bars that are available over the Internet from other providers? I couldn't stand that LT bars but the BE-Yu ones are delicious and sort out your sweet cravings too as they taste like chocolate! They also have added fibre which is great for your tummy and are small enough to keep a couple in your bag or the glove compartment of the car. I used them regularly when I was doing 100% as I was travelling a lot and couldn't always manage a shake.

Just a thought, but it worked for me......


addicted to minimins!!
hey! sorry youve had a rocky few days.. and at least you came and wrote it down. that way you can face your slip ups. Just get back on board and when you get that feeling again,, try and write down how youre feeling,, have some water or get out for a walk. I know its easier said than done,, but try your best. good luck for the rest of the week xx
Hi Sandra
You are always very welcome to "poke your nose in", you're advice is always rock solid! The thing about the chocolate that's strange is, I don't actually have a "craving" for chocolate as such, it was more a rebellious moment - kind of like "forbidden fruit". I knew I shouldn't have done it, but did just cause I could - like I was rebelling against myself? A psychologists dream LOL! Believe it or not, I actually LIKE the LT flapjack bars, (I know we spoke about this before!), this Sunday, I'm going to bring flapjacks, so at least I'll eat something!

Hi Pudge
You're right, I should get out when I feel weak. I have taken the step this morning though, of throwing out all leftover christmas rubbish, sweets and other rubbish. So no excuse now! And I actually do feel more positive since I wrote it all down.
Hi SSusee, I can totally relate to these mind games we play with ourselves, it's almost as if we are rebelling against ourselves which doesnt make much sense but still true. we want to get slim but we want to have something we shouldnt have to just prove we can ! hehe maybe we are all crazy?? I know I am. Stick in there huni, we can do this! New Year New Start and Im so pleased to be starting this year at this weight and not at last years weight! :) xxx


Exclamation mark abuser!
Hi Ssusee, I can also relate to the sabotaging! Do you do it in a secretive way?I was always a secret eater/sabotager! I know I've been like that for a long time I can even remember being a teenager and waiting until my parents went out before going downstairs and raiding the biscuit tin or the crisp cupboard and I've come so close to stuffing my face with leftover crackers and sweets from Christmas when no one is looking this time!

You have done amazingly well, you just need to get back into that mindset again and it sounds like you're getting there, keep it up... you know you're strong you CAN do it, get you strong head back on and keep it! stop playing silly bu99ers with the horrible yucky stuff leftover from Christmas that nobody likes... chuck it out! Your family will thank you for it too :)

Sorry, have had a bit of a giggle at myself - only on day 7 and dishing out advice like I'm a pro!

Anyway the jist of my message is good luck and I look forward to reading all about your journey, don't let us down, we're all counting on you to tell us how good you've been and spur us all on with your shiny halo!

Lots of positive thoughts, 2011 is our year!!
Paula xx
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Fighting for My Health
Hey hun, how has the rest of your day gone? I have replied to you already in my diary, but just to reiterate here. You CAN do this. Keep coming in here for motivation and support. We all totally understand - even the slip ups! ;) We're here for you! :)



addicted to minimins!!
glad youre feeling more positive..:) just to repeat what the others have said.. get back on the horse while you can and youll be fine.. stick with us and we will all get there.. you can do it..:) x
Hi All
Thanks for your fantastic support. I know whenever I come on here I get the will to go on.

Yesterday Day 1 (again) went really well. Half litre of water at 10am then kept busy about the house until first shake at 12midday. Another half litre of water at 1pm. Hit out to work at 2. Next shake was at 5pm and another litre of water at 7. Then at 8.30pm, I had peanut flapjack, with another litre water between this and bed. Home from work at about 12 midnight, straight to bed. Great sleep. Day 1. Felt really good and had no trouble avoiding any temptations that came my way. Off tomorrow and Friday. Will have to keep myself busy!
Well done for getting through day 1 hun x x

I know you need to keep busy so i have arranged for a taxi to collect you and bring you to my house to do my housework and ironing!!... Am i good to you or what??!!!! pmsl x x x

Good luck x x
Tee Hee Su. That gave me a laugh! You should see the state of my house, despite all the busy beeness going on!
BTW, I've decided to change my weigh in day from Friday to Monday. The only advantage of falling off the wagon is that I have enough shakes to do me till Monday. My weigh in day before was Tuesday and this worked perfectly for me, so I'm going to try & get close to Tuesday as poss. Monday is as near as I can get at the moment, also I know I'd have no loss if I went tomorrow. So leaving it till Monday!
So is that you, me, and Su all weighing in on Mondays?? lol that will be fun :)
Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. Whoever loses the most in a week can have a great big fry up and the other 2 pay for it!! (if only!!) lmaoooooooooooo x x x
Monday for me too guys.......you can laugh when I lose a whole pound on ww........:sigh:

Part of me wishes that I could just do LT for another couple of weeks and get the last few lbs out of the way but I'm sticking to my healthy eating and will just have to take a bit longer. Without the bloody op I would've been at target about 6 weeks ago, that thought really pisses me off:mad:

Best of luck by the way, you all deserve to get there xx
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