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Suzys sick of it!


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You can do It mam just think about how good you will feel at Xmas time if you get some weight off and if we start now we will be thin for brandy wharf next year :) that's my plan anyway :).xxx
Good luck :) you'll get the 9 off in no time :)


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Jump back on the wagon.. There were a lot of us doing the same last week. I'm still hanging on just! You had a good time away now head down and on with the diet :D Good luck
Hi Suzy,

you just need to take a step back and think about this. You might have put 9 back on, but you lost 7 before and you can certainly lose 7 again. :D

Keep positive hun xxx
:( holiday gain sucks!! However there's no way all of those 9lbs is actual weight! You have to eat 3500 cals OVER your maintenance level (bout 2000) to gain one pound. Sooo In fact to put 9 on you'd have had to have eaten 2000 + 5225 cals every single day of ur holiday!!! (my maths sucks but this is about right!!) and I doubt you ate over 7000 cals daily for a week lol!!!!

So a big chunk will be water retention and food weight!! Drink loads of water for 3/4 days and weigh again ;)

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