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Sw accidental blunders or embarressing moments on plan!!

I was thinking the other day, about some of the embarressing mistakes or blunders iv had along my journey and thought i'd share one or two and then thought we could all swap stories,.. i think it always helps to hear someone elses when your having a bad day!

I think my first would muller rice.. My first four weeks of slimmingworld.. i misheard my consultant for 'muller rice' instead of 'muller light' and convinced they would shift my weight as much as they had everyone elses, i was forceing my way through 4-5 a day, blissfully unaware that they averaged about 11.5 syns per pot :O .. i'd send my OH out almost twice a day in a bid to loose weight, thinking it was gunna really do it for me.. 4 weeks this went on for before i realised what a mistake i'd made.. A woman said she liked them as a treat, and i thought she was strange for not having somthing really naughty as a treat instead of somthing good! LOL.. when i realised i was in shock! and so embarressed i never told anyone, or admitted it to the OH who would have hit the roof after all the running around he did haha

and i think my other one, was at christmas, when our group times were all mixed up and we had to get weighed in at someone elses group.. but with our consultant, i got all confused and turned up on the wrong day, .. when i realised my heart absoloutly sank because i'd been so good all week.. and then had eaten a whole betty crocker cake for breakfast at a moment of weakness! I couldn't believe what a mistake i made, .. 1. eating the cake and the next walking in on someone elses class!! eek LOL

Anyone else got any stories?? x
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Slow but sure....
Well you have a great weight loss to date so the mullerice couldn't have done to much damage, they are very moreish though, I loved your stories thank you, and well done on your loss so far..


Think the biggest mistake with me was when i first made carrot cake with cake mix and added full fat fanta instead of fanta zero :(


Most embarassing moments happen everyday or is it just me that gets wind on this diet!:sign0007:
LMAO my mate has just started sw with me and she said last weekend was unreal on the old wind factor hehe even her oh complained about her in the end and left her in the room heehee


Still rockin' it
I did SW about 5 years ago and so didn't bother reading too much of the 'getting started' stuff this time around as I thought I knew it.

I was reading a thread on here a few weeks ago (after doing SW this time for over 12 months!!!) when someone mentioned remembering the old days when corned beef was free and reminiscing about corned beef quiche......needless to say I had been eating tons of the stuff for the past year lol

It then started a few people mentioning 'the old days' and things they missed and pretty much everything they mentioned I had been eating!!!


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
i did the muller rice thing they are evil lol i mess up my syns all the time , quorn gives you tummy ache the first few times you try it ouch my best one was probably having three assistants in Morissons help me find the healthy living sausages.
My first green day when I was used to doing the EE I messed it up when I had a sandwhich confusing my HEX's which led to me falling off plan - no more green days for me EE all the way.

When I went to sign up for class I didn't know that it was at a diff time due to the bank hol and walked in to the end of a class. It was horrid as I had interupted them and they were all starring!!
I remember when I did SW first time round one of my friends didn't understand why she had sts. It's was only later she realised she was using a tablespoon of butter for 3 syns rather than a level teaspoon! She had been plastering it on her toast and sandwiches and even adding it to cakes lol.
haha.. i think some times you just have to laugh at the things that happen.. the worst thing is when someoen in morrisons suggests somthing else to you instead of.. and your like 'no sorry, it has to be that one'.. then you really do look a big obbsessed LOL

Thanks for sharing everyone!
ive had a few :( i dont know why but for some reason i just assumed that because heinz tomato soup had tomato in the title it was free and was practically living off the stuff. i know full well it doesnt even count towards any of your five a day let alone count as free
another blunder was my rice pudding incident. i just flicked through my book saw pudding rice =free and thought all tinned rice pudding was free only to discover it was actually around 17 syns :(
luckily i still lost weight that week :)
I fancied a one off , second green day. Bought two Adsa prepacked pasta and med veg and basil & tom dressing. Looked and tasted great!

Thought the pasta was free and found out that I had consumed 18 syns ( OMG) X 2.

That was my bigggggggg blunder !!!!

Haven't looked one in the eye since ....LOL !

Phil x

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