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SW and illness

Hello all. My names Emma and I have just joined today. Sorry if this is in the wrong place but still trying to find my way around.

Firstly I did SW years ago with much sucess so thought I would restart on EE....I do not go to a class so going it alone....EE looks great and family friendly which is a bonus.

Secondly...I have Fibromylagia and ME so thought this may help health wise. My mobility and concentration are very poor so please excuse me if I repeat myself a lot!

I was wondering if there were any other fibromites on here and also if there is a daily sheet I could print off somewhere?

Many thanks and I look forward to getting to know you all.x
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Hi Emma and welcome.

what kind of daily sheet are you looking for?

might help to post a food diary on here, help you keep track and get some feedback from the lovely gals and guys on here.

Good luck x
Hi Emma (Well you've just motivated me to actually make a profile so I can post a reply to you! hehe)

First of all congratulations for making the step into taking control of your weight. Secondly please dont be daunted by the fact you're doing slimming world whilst managing health conditions....It can be done!!! I say this as I know, I too Have FM AND ME....and have lost 4 st 13 by food optimising. (it was 2 stone more but unfortunate incident wi massive infection last year has led to a bit of a struggle!)

When I first started slimming world I could do very little for myself - had begun walking with a frame. However the fact I didnt get the opportunity to do body magic due to my energy /levels pain didnt hinder my weight loss. You can loose weight by simply food optimising alone....although if ur able of course its much healthier to be working on fitness to for general well being.

I've also found that by monitoring my food intake, it seems to help keep my energy levels more steady rather than boom and bust all the time.

I'm sure theres much more info and advice I can give you but for now I'll leave it there.

Best foot forward ....I wish you all the luck in your weigh loss journey. Keep your head held high and dont feel that the conditions are stacked against you. you CAN do this! :)



Paleo maintenance rocks!
Hi Emma, I too have ME and did SW for the first 6 months of this year. I switched to low GI as it suits me better but when I was doing SW made a similar post to yours and got some encouraging replies which you might find helpful too.


Best of luck with your weight-loss journey! It can sometimes seem daunting but you will get there. :)
i have ME my energy levels and concentration levels have improved with eating lots of fruit and vegetables. Try and plan in advance so cook a big tub of pasta salad for the fridge when your feeling better so when your energy is low/pain high you can just grab some from the fridge and ont have to go through the stress and hassle of cooking.
I liked your gentle hugs comment, it's something I say quite often to my friend who is very poorly with fibro. I know that it's difficult sometimes to follow any plan when your head is full of wool so I second the making things when you're able to to have when you can't! I can recommend ryvita crackerbread and laughing cow lights as a handy thing for when you can't think! I know it's using up healthy extras at once but it's an option that doesn't need much prep!
Hi so glad I've found this group,I've got m e and joined sw months ago but with 1thing n another it's been 1step forward n 1back so much so that I'm only 2pm less than when I started (I mean lb ) only just noticed derr lol,anyway I'm motivated AGAIN!!! N intend to get to goal....eventually!!!!
hi welcome emma,
i have fibro ,severe chronic fatique and back problem and know just how hard it is to lose weight with little mobility/excercise. we may have to take the scenic route but together we will all get there ... well done you for joining and gentle hugs xxx
Went to class last night n lost 4 1/2 :):):) thrilled especially as I'd had girly weekend in London n out for family meal we'd night (Indian) so really proud of myself I really mean business now !!!!
suzy111 said:
I've had a brill week health wise so been much more active than iv been for ages so that's really helped too hope it carries on fingers x
Well had a "poorly" week last week so good old hubby was looking after me: result=1 n 1/2 on:(:( but back in charge of myself now so want that n more off on thurs,fingers xx
I have m.e although bearable at moment (had it 10 years) - my progress on SW is slow, but its still on its way down.
Welcome aboard. xoxo

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