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sw and womens health issue-TMI


Not sure where this should go :eek: but was wanting to ask some advice about whether losing a lot of weight on sw has caused anyones menstral cycle to go haywire.

I am 62 lb in to my weightloss and still a long way to go, but in the last 10 weeks my weightloss has slowed down to a crawl despite joining and going to the gym 4/5 times a week and sticking to plan for all but 1 weekend and 5 days.

But the thing I am worried about is that my periods have for the past 8 weeks come every 14 ish days some heavier than others.

Sorry if this is a bit eeewww on a monday morning but I am debating whether to go and see the doc about this or if its just my body starting to react to the years of abuse I have given it.

Or is this the start of an early menopause i'm 42???

Thanks for any help xx :eek:
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Don't worry about grossing people out it's all part of life, they can choose not to read.:)

I've noticed a change since being on SW though I can't say if this is because of the plan, losing weight or generally changing my way of life significantly. I've suffered with awful periods for the last 18 months or so which my doc said would get better if I lost some weight. Yes, the old lose weight and everything will be fine thing....he's wrong! Since I started losing weight they've actually been worse. Month long sometimes and so heavy I can't leave the house. I went back to the doc, told him I'd lost nearly 5 stone since I last saw him and though I have a long way to go I couldn't keep it up unless he did something. I pay for gym membership which I can't use for weeks at a time and obviously my weight loss suffers because I'm sat at home. He was really good! He said that yes it should be getting better rather than worse so has sent me to the hospital for tests. If there's no apparent reason for what happening then he's suggested I have a coil which can help. He also gave me iron tablets because despite all the healthy fresh food I am eating my iron levels were low. This seemed to really help the last time, 1 week on and then it just stopped. That hasn't happened for years!

My problem is different to yours but I think it's a good idea to go to your GP, take a diary of what's happening, tell him when it started and that it's changed for no apparent reason. He may not be that interested if the doc's at my surgery are anything to go by (18 months of seeing lots of them and being told to lose weight grrrr) but I think because you're losing weight it will help. My GP certainly paid more attention once I'd shown I was doing something for myself. There are tablets they can prescribe to stall periods but I'm not sure if that's a 1 off thing. I guess the other thing is the pill to get them regular again. Tranexamic acid is meant to help with heavy periods though do nothing for me.

It's worth a check, perhaps it's just something that will sort itself out but better to have it on your record asap in case it continues.
I would second what Laura has said, keep a record and visit your GP for a chat.



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I'm having mine more regularly (although not that heavy) and they said once I have the coil (mirena) in they should be less regular, but I haven't noticed this. I made an appointment to go to the doctor next week to check out what's happening. Think you should also go and have a check. Also make an appointment and ask for some blood tests (tell them you've started the diet and just want to make sure everything is in sync).
Sounds very similar to what happened to me - for years mine were very light and only lasted 3 days, then when the weight started coming off they got much heavier and were lasting 7 days, at one point they were happening every 14 days! Like you I thought I might be going into early menopause (I'm 43), but doc wouldn't even check my hormone levels to find out. She said as long as they were coming regularly it was unlikely to be early menopause.

I've recently hit and gone through my goal weight and interestingly, the past two months they've reverted back to normal - just once a month, for three days. So maybe it is something to do with the body adjusting to weight loss? Apparently hormones can be stored in fat, so I've read. No idea if it's true but it puts an interesting slant on things. :confused:


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I've had two * weeks this month since starting slimming world and have a coil AND Pcos! I usually only get periods once in a blue moon! I think losing weight has kickstarted something but I'm hoping it'll settle soon!
I am the opposite, since losing weight mine have vanished! I am trying to increase the fat in my diet and reduce the gugar to see if that helps, I was eating next to no fat. Especially since I am veggie. I would def see the doc tho if I were you, I did and have been waiting a while now for referral to gynae to come through.

Good luck xx


Thanks guys, think I will pop and have a chat with the doc they will be so shocked to see me I never go for anything lol

Just feeling a little low I guess because my weight loss seems to have stopped for all but 3lbs I put on :eek:

Have only lost 1/2 lb since 10th May its just getting me so down :cry:especially when i feel so bloated :( and sticking to plan except for the times I mentioned.

Will see what weigh in brings tonight and ring doc in the morning xx
I really feel for you with periods being all over the place. I came off the contraceptive injection Jan 09 and mine STILL haven't settled. And if anything, they're worse than they were before I went on the injection. I think part of it is because the hormones injected, like Elizabeth said, have been stored in fat (it's injected into a bum cheek :p) and because I'm losing weight the left over/stored hormones are messing everything up.
Anyway, enough rambling, I just wanted to say that I really sympathise and understand. Hope your Dr can help.
I'm on the pill and usually sweet as a kitten both during * week and in the run up to it-my pill is awesome, I think it has pick me ups in it! Since starting my weight loss journey (both WW an SW) I've noticed that I now get period pains (never got them, even when I was a teenager) and my PMS is just bloody awful. I'm getting older as well so that may be a factor. I'd definitely go to your dr and have a wee word. x


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Mine went a bit mental a couple of weeks ago! Usually have my * week for about 7 days - last time I had it for 3 days, then it disappeared for about 4 days, then started again for another three days. I got a bit worried, but then I figured maybe my body's just trying to get back to normal. I've never had regular periods as such, but usually had one about every 6-8 weeks. Our bodies are strange and wonderful things! If it's getting you down hun I'd definitely go to the doctor. Maybe they can put your mind at ease :) xxx

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