SW Chilli ??


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I can't remember offhand, but it's in the current issue of the magazine. I made it the day before yesterday and it's LOVELY!!


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i have this made in the fridge all the time its so handy and easy
onions mushrooms peppers garlic quorn tin tomatoes tin chilli beans tin baked beans chilli powder
fry onions peppers mushrooms garlic in frylight add quorn and tins ..cook for about 30 mins add seasoning to taste ...yum yum


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Try adding some cumin - that's what gives it the distinctive chilli flavour.


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i make my from sratch using proper chillies and all the spices, could post it, think it the one from the website but adapted to suit me, im making it tonight

that would be great, dying for a chilli but don't want to use jars. The last time I did slimming world I used to do the one on their site, and even my son said it was better than the usual Uncle Ben's jars. Coming from him thats a real compliment.

thanks :)


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i love chilli, it's so easy to make just use a little bit of everything and keep doing a taste test until it tastes right!