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SW Chips

I made SW chips last night by parboiling them for about 10 mins, draining them and then baking them in the oven at gas mark 8ish. They were OK, but a bit rock hard and there seemed to be no potato left in the middle of some of them!!! :sigh:

Does anyone have a fool proof way of making them, I was just looking at the Slimming World Photos bit on facebook, but mine never look like they do on there!!!!
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Hi mushy peas, I'm not sure about gas temperatures but it sounds like you might be cooking them too hot. I do mine about 210C in a fan assisted electric oven, making sure to turn them about every 10 mins, and spray with fry light each time i turn and they come out ok, not as nice as the real thing but a good alternative. Hope this helps Ali
hey i don't know if this helps but i dont just parboil i boil for the full time that spuds need and then put them on a tray spray with fry light and put them in the oven for about 45 mins at 180°c
parboil them for no more than ten mins (don't let them get too soft), and then drain all the water off. Put them bake to the heat for literally seconds, just to drain off any remaining water and then shake them in the saucepan to rough the outsides of them.

Spray a baking tray with frylight. Put your potatoes on the tray, sprinkle with some salt, and the spray a little frylight over the top.

Perfect Chips!!!

You need to cook them at 200c or 400f (gas mark 6)
I have had a few disasters with the sw chips, I think I have got it now - parboil for 10 mins, drain and rough up, while in saucepan dribble marmite over them (bear with me!) and then add to tray fry light, I dont cook them on a very hot oven, but I always warm up the oven first, I think it is about 160o, they come out fab, the marmite does not taste like marmite, try them you will be converted!!
The sw recepe say par boil for 5 mins then leave to drain for 10 mins so they do not go soggy in the oven. Then spray your tray( I use the one with holes in so cooks both sides and no turning) rough up chips in colander and then place on tray and spray with Fry Light. Cook for 25-30 min in hot oven 240 and then serve with loads of vinegar....mmm lovely. I have them as a snack on a green day or with a cheese(hex) omlette for tea.:flirt2:
started slimming world 2 weeks ago. made those chips last nite. think could have cooked them longer but my little one was gettin hungry but bit of spaghetti done the trick not bad lol surprisingly my little one loved them and she is the fussiest eater ever!!!
I usually par-boil them for about 7 minutes (not the 5 that SW say, and less than some members here), and then leave them for ten minutes to let them dry.
I then cheat a little bit, because our coliander isn't great for roughing them up, and kind of score the chips with a knife - gives you these delicious little crispy bits. :) I pre-heat the tin and fry-light in the oven for about a minute (using the same logic as you would for roasties), then chuck 'em in. Then move them around every ten minutes, re-spraying each time, and making sure that all of them get a turn at the edge, since they go crispiest there.
Add cheese and a splodge of extra light mayo, and I am one very happy dieter.


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my tip is to preheat the oven and place the dryed par boiled potatoes on a HOT tray so that they sizzle.

I use the same method as BritMum.

Par boil, strain, roughen, spray with frylight, season, place on HOT tray, in preeheated oven.

Perfect everytime xx
I dont parboil, I chuck them in the microwave.


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I find if i cut them too small they go dry but if I make them more like wedges they are much better. I like making them with new potatoes. Cut each new potato (with skins on ) into half and then half again. Par boil them for about 7 minutes. Drain and leave to dry.Use a baking sheet not a roasting tin. spray with fry light, add the potatoes. spray them and then sprinkle on garlic salt. Put in oven for about 20 minutes. these are yum hot or taken as a lunch cold the foloowing day. if you have a hex A left they are delicious with grated cheese on top xx
Hmmm, i should not have read this one i'm now going to have to make these tonight lol... i've done the plenty of times in the last 3 months and i must have been lucky as they turned out ok, every ones methods work for there own eqiupment i guess, mmmmm chips :p :p

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