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SW Cook books

I am really uncreative at meal ideas and find the help on here (as well as the mags) great for inspiration and tips. I'm not the best cook in the world, but can do OK. I was looking at some of the SW cookbooks on Amazon and wondered if they were worth the investment - are the recipes easy enough to follow? Or are they just the same as the recipes in the mag or on here?

Any advice is much appreciated :)
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I have the Extra Easy cookbook and it is fab, I really love it and the recipes are really easy to follow (I am no cook!!!), the books are much cheaper in class though, mine was £4.95 and I have seen some going on ebay for £15+.


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I also really love the extra easy cook book, it's got amazing recipes in it and all the ones I tried were absolutely delicious and easy to cook!!
I bought the green days & Original cooks books (£2.95 each in class) & The extra easy (£4.95 in class) I also bought the sauces book (£2.95). I got them on my first week at class & honestly without them in the begining don't think i would have mangaged at all !!

The only book I have never used is the EE as I do just red & green, but sware by them. They are all recipes sent by SW members & so are dead simple & easy to follow.

I also use this site tonns for recipe ideas along with britmums blog & SW magazine :)


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I think the recipes in SW recipe books are all very well written, easy to follow and tasty. I would recommend them all, stating that in general, I find the hardback books contain the most interesting range of recipes.

I always apply the three page rule to any new cookbook. I open at random three times -

1. I need to find recipes (as opposed to endless lifestyle photos of the food and / or chef) on each opening.
2. I need to think that the 3(+) recipes are all at my standard of cooking, and therefore achievable.
3. I need to fancy the ideas of the recipe and want to eat it.


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And don't limit yourself to SW recipe books. There are a wealth of internet recipe sites out there for free, and many recipes can be made SW friendly but just substituting ingredients. Frylight for oil, fromage frais or creme fraiche (syns) in place of cream. Check out your local library too as most will have a good stash of recipe books that you can borrow. I've been doing this to get recipes for my slow cooker.
I'm such a terrible cook, I always left it to my DH but now thanks to the EE cookbook I can actually cook some things :D. I can cook the chicken kebabs and wedges - yummy! and also the hamburgers. Still divering over the fish, especially as DH doesn't really like fish...


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Below are all the SW books, i have all of the ones with :D next to them and all of them are amazing!! Im going to get the EE one when we get some more in class!

World of flavours is particularly good!!

I also have the Curry cook book but this isnt in print anymore xx

100 Delicious Desserts
100 Free Original Recipes :D
100 Green Recipes
100 Saucy Secrets :D
Best Ever Recipes:D
Delicious Food Optimising Days
Extra Easy Cookbook
Family Feasts for a fiver :D
Food Directory :D
Four Seasons Cookbook
Free Branded Foods :D
Low Syn Snacks :D
One Pot Wonders :D
Simply Summer
World of flavours :D

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