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SW first week but feel im doing it wrong?

So I had my first SW class Wednesday, and a reality check of what my weight actually was! (20st 1.5lbs) it's the first group diet I've tried, been there and done that with trying to go solo on and off for the past few years

Well so far things just seem pretty easy? I'm paranoid I must be doing something wrong?! I'm hardly ever hungry, I'm not craving the cakes and chocolate I thought I would seeing as id easily have 2/3 a day!
I guess I won't know till my first weigh on Wednesday, but did anyone else find themselves feeling like this?? Have included my two days menu in case, I'm sure I understand the plan but as I say, it seems too easy to be true?? Maybe my mind set has changed and I know it's really now or never, and I am genuinely prepared for a good year of this to drop a good chunk... How did you all feel on your first week on slimming world??

Thanks, loving the forum, real inspiration!

(doing extra easy)

Today: 28g weetabix mins
Dash of milk
(no syns)

Mushroom pasta as per the SW website
(no syns)

Two small servings of chocolate mousse as per SW website
0.5 syns each serving)

Chili beef noodles with extra noodles as per SW website
(no syns)

2 vegetable pakora as per website
(no syns)

Same breakfast as today minus the milk

Lean Bacon tomato sandwich
(syns for the wholemeal bread)
Punnett of strawberries
2 pears

Double cheeseburger in wholemeal bap (extra lean mince)
(syns for light cheese slice)

That's a rough list off the top of my head, but I hardly use my syns but don't even feel like I NEED to?!

Usual daily diet consists of energy drinks chocolate 2 maybe a cake, no breakfast, sandwich and fruit and chrisps for lunch and usually fried food in the PM in deep fat fryer, chips etc
I'm hardly hungry, what's wrong with me? Lol

Sorry for the long post!

Emmey x
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was 2nd day plan EE as you had bread twice and cereal but says syns only for lunch bread and are you having HEA on milk or cheese
My bad! Always EE, syn for bread not cheese as i used cheese as my HE (didnt have milk that morning so i could)

Usually use HEA for milk and HEB for cereal first thing. Think that puts that list right doesnt it? :-s hope so!
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im not too sure about it either tbh but after reading your diary i know im not far off lol gl with your journey and remember its the start of a new you :)
Thanks slickers! Have done so and still under syns for the day thankfully! Think I have the hang of it now!