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Hi Everyone

Im a serial dietier be it SW WW Lighter Life JUDDD and many more. But im back with SW and need to achieve something this year that will make me feel better about myself and let me buy clothes that look good for once. Im one week in and I have lost 4lb which im happy with and I intend to carry on with a weight loss providing I can kick the takeaway and chocolate demon :D

Not sure if everyone will agree with this or have a positive view on what I am about to ask but Im trying to work out if doing a combination of SW and JUDDD would work. This means following SW for 5 days a week and the other 2 doing what is called a fast day of 500 cals. When I did JUDDD the fast days felt so good because you realy felt like you was on a diet and Im sure anyone who has been on the JUDDD will agree. Does anyone think that this combination will work ??

Thanks for listening and good luck for the coming week. :) xx
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Hi :) I've seen another diary on here where they are doing SW/JUDD combi with great results. Can't remember who it is tho. I did SW first since September but stalled after 31 lb. I'm Judding now but only started a week ago. I still cook using SW methods/recipes on my UD's tho. I'm sure it will work well. Good luck :)


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Hi Java....I too am combining SW and a form off JUDDD
Basically I have 4 UD & 3 DD, and my DD are purely liquid, herbal tea, black coffee, diet pop & water.
My UD I follow SW, but use weekly syns (I did before I combined with JUDDD anyway) and have the full amount over the week, so 100, or I could use 25 per UD
If you're doing 2x DD then you should use 20 per day you're on UD and would suggest none on yr DD

Take a peek at my diary - I have both an SW one which describes my food in detail, and my JUDDD one is just an overview.
I have found that combining the 2 is working well for me....but you must eat enough, and please make sure you use your syns


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Yes if you combine the two you need to do as Deb says otherwise you if you eat at a SW deficit Mon-Fri then 'fast' Sat & Sun its not JUDDD but something of your own invention. You will lose weight because you are netting really low, but you will eventually suppress your metabolism, which is one of the things that the JUDDD plan guards against by replenishing your calories 3 or 4 days a week!


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This is brilliant- I lost so much weight on JUDDD but need SW for the healthy lifestyle.

definitely going to do this- mind made up!