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sw magazine running plan


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Ooh yes I saw this and was thinking of trying it too! Thanks for reminding me, I will dig the magazine out now! :) xx
It sounds like a great plan, I'm too embarrassed to run in public at the moment so i stick to doing 5 minute bursts on the Wii fit in the comfort of my own home!
If i had a running buddy i might consider it, everything works better in twos!
What does the plan involve? I forgot to pick up a mag at the meeting last night. I really wanna be able to run. I also had a bad ankle injury last year, and have not really tried it since, so wanna take it slow to begin!

Thanks. :)


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well i basically is in sections of weeks

week 1 you have to run (jog) 3mins then walk 3mins - i think you do this for a total of 17mins

then each week progresses with the walking becoming less time and running more - i suppose you dont have to change weeks until you feel comfortable

Its run one day rest next day - with 3 running sessions in the 1st week

loll - im starting tomz with my friend so ill let you know how it goes - im soooo unfit so im just taking it easy to start with

lulu - i have also had numerous injuries to my ankle but my advice get a good pair of support proper running shoes or even boots trainers
Hmmmm.....I may give something like that a go. Yeah I really REALLY need some proper shoes. I have so many probs with my feet and ankles now, as I think when I had an op to pin my ankle back together they pinned it back slightly differently to how it was before. Sounds strange, but true....so yeah, really need to invest in some decent shoes!

Goooooood luck with the running! :)


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It looks really do-able. But it's torrential rain here! I'm stopping in!
Actually, checking it, week 1 is run 60 secs and walk 3 mins x 4 (16 mins). mon/wed/fri with a 30 min brisk walk on sunday.


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thanks judi - didnt have my magazine to hand sorry for the miss info girls -

So im definately starting it 2moz with the friend who is also doing sw - will let you all know how it goes

think the plan is to run thurs - sat and monday and go for a brisk walk on the sunday


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skinnyminnie - im really really unfit to - walking up a hill i get chest pain - not so good at 21 - my plan is to pace my self and week by week increase it if i feel i can - at the end of the day even a brisk walk count better than nothing


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Just make sure you have well fitting running type shoes with lots of padding in them, not old trainers. And if you are well endowed then a sports bra is a must!
oh god...I deff need to also invest in a sports bra too!! I am certainly very well endowed lol. :eek:
Good luck vitfa, i'm thinking of starting this running plan too so let us know how tomorrow goes :)


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well ladies - my friend wasnt able to come as she didnt feel well ..... but i decided to go - glad i did but was hard work... well saturday will be the same again lol


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I'm thinking about it too... never been much into running, don't really enjoy it. But b/f actually keeps talking about wanting to start and he's the epitome of unfit and unhealthy lifestyle. I ordered a new sports bra from Bravissimo yesterday... then just gotta get the right shoes. Hmmmm... will I actually try it? Should be interesting.


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If I put my headphones on, I can distract myself from the tedium of exercise long enough to get some benefit from it. But I don't really enjoy it. I don't mind activity... I could do heavy gardening all day long, but just plain exercising... bleh!
Well done Vitfa. :happy096:

I have decided I am starting on Monday too:D:D:D

Have been good out walking 3/4 nights a weeks and trying (lol) to do Davina's latest dvd but slipped a bit this week as worked long hours. But really looking forward to this plan and optimistic that I may actually be able to run, wish me luck and hope saturday goes well for you :whacky068:

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