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sw or ww?!!

i really want to give SW a good go, but what holds me back is eating out or at friends houses - no idea what or how to count anything.
I did sw for 4 weeks and ate plenty, i felt healthy but didnt loose a lb!!!

so thought maybe i should go back to weight watchers.
Just after general advice please as i'm a confused soul as to what to try and stick at.
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This question has been asked so often before and as always theres no right or wrong answer to it. Anyone whos on SW is going to recommend SW anyone on WW is going to recommend WW :)

Both diets are fantastic, very successful but very different, it depends very much on what you want from your diet - apart from weight loss lol

I think the best thread Ive ever seen on here on the WW versus SW debate was this one http://www.minimins.com/weight-watchers/141306-ww-vs-sw.html its one of the few that hasnt turned into a WW/SW slating thread :)


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I've done both and to strip both down to their bare bones, one plus and one minus for each, I'd say:

Weight Watchers teaches you about portion control first and foremost and healthy eating second.

Slimming World teaches you about healthy eating first and foremost, and portion control is gradually learned from the process of cooking from scratch and healthy eating.

Both plans can work well in their own ways, and both plans have rules that can be abused, eg:

Weight Watchers - starve yourself all day and have fish and chips for tea.

Slimming World - Cous cous cake, syn free crisps, using free food as the basis of a snack and over-consuming by bending the rules.

It all depends on what you want out of a diet plan and what's best for you. I love Slimming World, I find that with points I tend to get frustrated if I've run out and all I have in that is zero points is beansprouts or a tin of carrots.

Other people love it, love that they can just pick up a micro meal and ding! Dinner's ready. Ditto having takeaways. My personal choice is SW, and that's after doing both. You just have to give them a try and check out what's good for you. x
fab posts all thanks.

Im a big eater, with only about a stone to loose.
so for me portion control and cutting back is where i struggle.
WW tells me ENOUGH - no more points left.
SW doesnt put a limit on food - but is defo healthier.
Thats why im stuck!!!!!!!


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I'm loving sw but am so glad I've done ww points in the past. It taught me portion sizes and what food is "better" than other food. For instance I know I can have a big juicy steak but I also know I'll lose weight much better with a piece of haddock!!!!
I have done both SW and WW and am doing neither now. For me, and this is only personal preference, I preferred WW because it was more rigid and I need that. There was far too much freedom for my liking on SW and I tended to abuse that. Even though I am doing neither diet now I still point things on occasions to decide whether or not to eat them.
I think it's all down to personal preference and what works for you, we are all different and our minds, and bodies, work in different ways so it only make sense that different things will suit different people. The bottom line is both diets work so good luck with whatever one you choose.

KB x
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I've done both (several times) but SW is the only one I've reached target with. I'm a big eater and don't do portion control so it works for me.

I agree with the others, all diet plans work, it's about finding what works best for you. There have been people on here who have really struggled with SW, gone to WW or RC and lost weight. Also people who have struggled with WW have come to SW and lost.

All I can suggest is giving it a try and seeing if it works for you.

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