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Original SW Quiche

Good morning,

I made one of the quiches yesterday and bunged everything into it, chicken , mushrooms, bacon, onion and it was goregous.
Because I made a large one i have it sitting in the fridge but i was wondering if any of you knew how long it would keep for. Or even if it is suitable for freezing.

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It generally keeps for 2-3 days, although if its a free food, not long in our House!!
I wouldnt recommend freezing it, as the cottage cheese goes horrible.
If I were you, I would have it as a snack if I was feeling a little peckish, that way then you are having something substantial and not cheating!

I just grilled my bacon and cut it up, mixed four eggs with a pot of the asda low fat cottage cheese then add what ever else you like, eg cooked chicken tomatoes etc.
Mix all together and put it into the oven at 200 degrees for approx 30 minutes.
So easy to make and really tasty and filling.

enjoy x
Sounds lovely may have to make that at weekend :)
Random Q but can you reheat SW quiches in the micro because i made it once for tea and i loved it hot the night before but cold for lunch the day after it was nasty i couldnt eat it and ended up chucking it away and then spent the afternoon eating crup, didnt risk nuking it incase it didnt work because of the cottage cheese

Gen x
i'm not sure but its ok to to hear the premade one from the supermarket and they would have been already cooked. I know weight watchers do one but im not sure if its cottage cheese thats in it.
I would proabaly heat it slowly in the oven rather than the microwave.
You can heat it up in the microwave, but dont put it in for long as it runs the risk of exploding!
I re-heat mine in the microwave all the time.
I make this a lot but I don't know how long it actually keeps for because it never lasts more than a day LOL. I tend to nuke mine because I like it hot, but don't over-heat it or it will end up like rubber. bleugh!


Vegetarian who lives2eat
I nearly live on Quiche,I change the receipe constantly so I dont get bored, have had smoked tofu with (HEb) lowfat cheese on top,broccoli and(HEb) half fat Feta, left over veg,peas sweetcorn onions,would nearly always top it with cheese,lovely cold but heats up in M/W I cut it up into bite size chunks ,and I make a 6 egg 2 tubs cottage cheese,just fits my dish perfectly

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