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SW still going strong

Hi Guys

Thought i would start my new diary over here with all you lovely peeps.

Well as many of you may know ive been facing a battle with my weight for some time now doing vlcds and slimming world. I decided to have a break from SW in September as i was just kidding myself lol

Mark moved in in July and i really didnt want to do it wanted to eat what i wanted :)

So bit the bullet on Wednesday and went back 13 1/2 lbs heavier but not as bad as it could have been.

Back on the plan now 2days under my belt and onto day 3 now !!!!!
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well have nearly succeeded day 3

Had a lovely day popped to asda this morning and then mark and I went to my stepsisters as i am looking after the kids on monday and had to go to their school to know where to drop them off and pick them up.

We then went back to their house to pick up the kids scooters and some bread and headed off to the park to feed the ducks or really the geese. Had a fab time .

This afternoon was just chillin and we have just had steak rosted veg and sw chips for dinner hope everyone had a good day xxx
Hi Kittykat, I do so hope that you can keep it up and I'm rooting for you!
Well done for the loss so far and glad you decided to get your head round doing the SW

All the very best to you and I wish you success in your endeavours.
3 1/2 lbs off yesterday even with TOTM showing an appearance yest morning !!!!!!!
Week 2 7lbs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
week 3 only half pound and have been really good didnt do much different to last week. but its still 11 lbs in 3 weeks and i got SOM !!!!!:):)
Wow, you have had a brilliant start, well done. And you know the losses slow down once you get into it. I had my best loss this week, but I'm not kidding myself I'm going to get such good ones every week!! xx
OMG another five and half off this week i really cant believe this im doing extra easy and loving it !!

Today i had a session with a personal trainer at my gym, i hate the gym so needed a programme that i am going to enjoy and boy did he work me im really feeling it allready. Boxing class on monday bring it on !!!
OMFG !!! feel like a 90 yr old woman today didnt know i could ache in places i do !!!!!!
well wasnt going to exercise today as was in agony this mroning but by 17.30 i just had to go only did a 45 minute workout but really enjoyed it tomorrow got boxing/kickboxing how the hell am i gonna fill after that !!!!!
Got boxing/kickboxing in an hrnever done it before has anyone tried it ?????
well it was absolutley bloody fantastic well and truly loved it just wished it lasted longer than 1hr was just getting into it and it finished. Just need to see if i can finish work a bit earlier on a monday as it starts at six.
well only half off this week despite all the exercise! But i have had 3 meals out during the week lets hope the scales show better next week!

Oh BTW work wont let me finish early on a monday suckers!! so i will have to go boxing every other week
Had a days holiday today as OH was off and planned on just going to the gym when i got there the boxing instructors were there and asked me if i was going i stated that hadnt bought any money with me didnt really like to say couldnt afford it waiting on Ms cheque to clear!! WEll ALi said to me dont worry pay us next time!! How kind so not only did i do any hr in the gym i did an hrs boxing class and my god it was a proper workout much more than we did on monday !!! Lets see how i feel tomorrow eh !!
oops just realised how much ive neglected this thread dont know where the time has gone !!!!

Still going strong now have lost 1 stone 9 and half in 8 weeks had a blip last week and put on not just a bit did it in style 3 1/2 lbs but was on codydromol and was warned that the side effect is constipation which certainly was the prob for me but carried on doing the same this week without the tablets and the results bloody well showed 6 1/2 off !!!!!

I discovered aqua aerobics last night and what fun it was but boy do i feel it today and off boxing tonight

hope everyone has a lovely monday xxxxxx

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