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sw to cd?

Hi, I'm new here. Have been going to sw for nearly 4 years and lost 5 stone. However have been at my current weight for about 2 years which, to be honest, is still a bit high. Just can't lose anymore. I food optimise 100% and stay the same, some weeks it's not 100% and still stay the same. Consultant can't understand it but I thought hey, I'm still 5 stone lighter and booked in for a tummy tuck in 5 weeks. Has to be in summer hols because I work in a school. Anyway my question is, having read this site avidly could I go onto Cambridge diet to lose some in the last few weeks before my op? Could I do cd just for, say, 3 days a week to lower my calorie intake? Thanks
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I would be wary of doing CD in the weeks leading up to a major op, as you are taking away vital energy that your body will need to help you recover. I have lost a lot of weight myself and had a tummy tuck about 4 years ago, it is physically and emotionally draining and you really need to have the energy to help you get through it.

You will probably find that after the op you will weigh the same , if not more for a few weeks, this is due to your body retaining water to help you heal, but as soon as the water goes you will notice a massive difference.

Good luck for the op xx
Hi Sam!;)

Torquay blonde is right, you shouldnt really ss before an op, but you could possibly combine cd with sw, and eat low carb. 2 shakes and a meal maybe?

I'm new to the board but unfortunately not to dieting and SW. Why don't you ask your consultant for fast forward which is a more stict diet it may give you a push in the right direction. I lost 8.5 stone but as I posted yesterday I'm going back as I've eaten all the pies!! I do know how hard this is.

My other suggestion for a quick start is (and I know this is not for everyone) 1 x oats so simple made with milk for breakfast and lunch. (2 x As and 2 x As) for dinner have meat/fish with salad or vegetables and a Muller. Fruit but not bananas for your snacks. This is very low calories but you can stick to it for 2 weeks you will lose.

Otherwise I would try something completely new, Rosemary Conley's GI diet is good.

Wishing you all the best.:D
Hi Lovepuff you sweetie you. Love this site, so much info and extra ideas. Hugs to you and Bex (can't remember your 'name') And we haven't had a Jezza sesh this week!

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