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sw to cd

Hi, I put this on the sw forum but no answers so I'm trying here! I have been on sw for nearly 4 years and have lost 5 stone. I have been at my weight now for 2 years but it is a little high. Just can't seem to lose any more so I thought I've still lost 5 stone and booked in to tummy tuck on 8/8 (Have been reading your blog, ice moose, thanks). Having found this site I wondered if I could lose a bit more on cd? Could I do cd for just 2 - 3 days a week to lower my calorie intake and sw the rest of the time? Do I need to do it for a few weeks but all the time? Would appreciate anyones' thoughts about this, ta.
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The Diet Guy
Hiya Sammi what is your current weight and height ?

PM me if you don't want to post it on the open forum.



The Diet Guy
OK your BMI is 30.6 so as long as you have no other medical problems and aren't on any medication (apart from HRT or pill) then you should be fine.

Personally I would recommend that you did Cambridge 790 or SS for a short period to shift the weight down. To get to a "normal" BMI you could lose 32 pounds (2 stone 4 pounds) and with 790 or SS you will quickly drop the weight and then I would move onto maintenance when you have lost around 1 stone and then do 3 weeks of 1000, 1200 and 1500 (1 week each) and then you will be banging on goal weight, I would then do SW to maintain long term. All in all I would guesstimate (no two people lose the same!) that it would take you 6 or 7 weeks to lose all the weight with Cambridge and do the stabilisation to get you back onto normal food and back to SW.

You can of course use the Cambridge packs as just dietary suppliments and do it that way but you need to make sure you are getting correct nutrition and not doing Cambridge a few days a week and then using that to allow more calories the other day as personally I don't think that is a good idea.

Anyway give your local CDC a ring and have a chat (0800 161412) and see what they think but you could certainly be done and dusted and at goal weight by the end of August which is no time!

Thank you for that. I have read about ss and 790. Is the only difference that you lose the weight more quickly with ss? I think I could probably manage it for a while particularly with my goal in sight, light at the end of the tunnel (can't think of any more cliches!).


The Diet Guy
790 is still a very effective way of losing weight and is still very quick compared to other diets. When you go and see your counsellor have a chat and decide between you which way is best, maybe do 790 for the first week and if you think you can drop the little meal and just SS for a couple of weeks then go for it, otherwise you will still get to goal weight within those time frames doing 790 and you get the advantage of doing a little meal and not feeling like you can't eat.

Whatever you decide both plans are brilliant and will solve the last part of your journey (well done on losing what you have by the way!)

I think I will try it like that. Will it be ok to start this week as I'm going out for a family meal on Saturday (parents silver wedding anniversary). Carvery and dessert (hopefully fresh fruit salad or something else good). Sorry to keep asking.


The Diet Guy
If you are going to stick to 790 properly then you could have a small protein based meal at the Carvery i.e. turkey with brocolli/sprouts etc but the fruit will be a no no, if you want to have fruit then look at a higher programme like 1200.