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SW v.s Calorie Counting or Both?

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I am still here guys even though I have been very quiet latley!

I decided last week I have had enough of starting and stopping SW and being to scared to weigh.

I weighed last monday and was 148 lbs the most I have weighed in 3 years. So Ive had enough and im making the change this time.

My question however is ive been sticking to the SW plan but I can help but calorie count also - is this ok? I know they say dont count but I need to know - and I worked out im eating about 1400 - 1500 cals a day. And since im writing down everything I eat I seem to be eating less.

I lost 4lbs last week and 3lbs the week before! I also began circuits training, which I am now fully addicted too. Hoping for a slower loss this week as 4lbs is a bit much, but as it was my first proper week following everything to the book this may explain it.

My new goal is 128lbs by Sept 1st.
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Hmmm, personally I think it would be a bit confusing to count cals and do SW together. Is there any particular reason why you feel like you need to? Do you worry about portions/eating too much?
Use fitness pal. You put in what you eat it counts the calories for you. Plus you can add in any exercise you do.

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Just trust SW-it works and people's statistics on here are testament to that! If you start counting calories it'll just confuse the issue :)

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I count calories whilst doing slimming world, it works for me. Though I only started doing this for the last 14lbs just so I was a bit stricter with portion sizing etc. I stick to around 1500 a day but do a lot of exercise. If the plan alone isn't working for you then maybe add the calorie count too, it's up to you what you feel works best for you :)


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I would just stick to SW.

I have the last week or so been writing my food diaries onto MyFitnessPal just out of interest and my calorie counts have are between 1250-1500 cals, so I know sticking to the plan also sticks within the suggested weight-loss calorie limits. So I see no need not to just follow the SW plan.

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I use the myfitnesspal app for my phone more for recording my food diary & exercise but I think its really interesting to see how many calories you eat following SW. If nothing else it will help you to trust in the plan even more. I have to admit though I do like to see that my calorie intake isnt in the red at the end of the day though!!!! :rolleyes:
I've been on SW for a month and have lost a fair bit of weight (19.5 lbs).

I began using My Fitness Pal a few days ago, and I'm now doing a combination of both SW and calorie counting. I was still finding myself literally gorging myself on way too much pasta, mince, rice etc.

Im going to try this week both counting calories and using SW to see how I get on.


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If it's working for you then carry on doing both at the same time.
SW gives you a healthy framework to control your calorie intake.


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I was about to reply and say I didn't see the point in doing both, until I realised I do something similar. I HAVE to weigh my pasta and rice, otherwise my portion sizes are way too big and I'll carry on eating even though I'm full, just because I have food on the plate. I mainly do EE and green days, so there's no need for me to weigh, but I do anyway.

I say if it works for you and will give you more confidence and control, then do it.


I am exactly the same! Anything to do with carbs (pasta, rice, couscous) I have to weigh it out, I watch the portion sizes of meat & fish but am not as obsessive about them - the only things I eat without worrying are superfree foods :)

As others have said - if it works for you go for it! I used my fitness pal a lot at the beginning of the year but got stressed if I went over calories - but it is a great app and I still use it to track my weight loss etc: if you decide to use it, my name is soon2Byummymummy


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I counted Calories a couple of days ago - simply because it worked out that day that it was easy to do so. It was interesting/reasuring to see. I came up with a figure of 1688. I think that is probably a fairly typical total for me for a 100% optimising day and if I follow the plan 100% I do lose about 2 lbs a week. I feel there is plenty of wiggle room (have one less mullerlight/one less bit of fruit/a few less syns) later on if my losses start to slow so I don't want to attempt to go lower now whilst I am still having good losses.

From my diary:

Strict Week Day 1 Going to calorie count for fun

1. HeB - 42g All Bran :checkmark:140
2. HeB - 3 multigrain rivita 111 (+ cottage cheese):checkmark:no CC so had PL
3. HeA - 250 ml semi skimmed milk:checkmark:125
4. Fruit - max 4 - apple:checkmark:80, banana:checkmark:105 , orange:checkmark: 60+ other:checkmark:Pineapple 150
5. Yogurts - max 3:checkmark:Rhubarb Mullerlight 99:checkmark:Fat Free Natural 90
6. Red - 2 servings:checkmark:105g tin red salmon 136:checkmark:Lamb Rump 260
7. Treat - 1 mini milk (1.5):checkmark:30
8. Large salad:checkmark: 75+ large plate of veg:checkmark:75
9. Syns - 10 total - 8.5 from olive oil/nuts:checkmark:4 80/wholegrain bread/phillie (extra) light:checkmark:3 55 /WR yogurt Mint Sauce 1 17
10. Drink more plain water:checkmark:
11. Have at least one cup of green tea:checkmark:

Before breakfast: 30 min exercise DVD:checkmark:11am
Afternoon/evening: 60 min dog walk or Gym:checkmark:90 min
Tue/Thu 4 pm: 30 min stepper

Syns = 9.5 Calories = 1688 (approx!)

I definitely won't be doing it every day though! I do place some restrictions on the amount of fruit/yogurt etc I eat though (still a generous amount) - I also do red days so that naturally restricts my carbs and sticking to the same basic plan must have me having around the same amount of Calories each day.

In summary - yes, of it is ok to Calorie count, too. Whatever you need to do! You may find that you only need to do it once a week or so as you develop your own pattern of eating etc. The whole reason why I am doing SW now rather than WW is that I was completely sick of counting points so there is no way I will be doing Calories more than once in a blue moon.

We are all different though. I personally love to WI every day (and have done so for 15 months and recored it on fridgegraph - and plan to do for pretty much until I die now). I find the combination of that AND class works really well for me - both have their advantages and disadvantages but together they are a winning combo for me. Other people, I know, would disagree strongly!
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When I went to the group my C said not to count calories - just simply because you will end up going insane (it's like the weighing-yourself thing)..The point of SW is that you shouldn't become obsessed with calorie counting or the number on your scales. The whole plan is based on psychology which won't work if you start counting calories. You will still lose weight though..it's difficult if you hit a plateau but it migth just be better to use less syns or just don't fill your plate too much instead of counting calories.
I have been eating an awful lot of pasta and rice last week until I was unable to walk..haha..surely I ate a lot more than 1400 calories. But I stilll lost 2 lb. I used to work together with a nutritionist and she said that it's a good idea to change the amount of calories you eat every day so your body doesn't get used to a particular amount of calories - that's what often causes STS. With SW you do that automatically necause you never know how much you eat. The plan promises that you can loose wight without counting calories and it works. You don't need to be scared that you eat more one day than the other. Also, after 2 weeks on the plan I realise that I automatically eat less because my body simply doesn't want to (although I have problems with portion control, too) - I feel fuller more quickly and I don't crave more food. That's food optimising for you and you can trust it.
Just to update, I weighed myself today(week 5), after 6 days of calorie controlled Extra Easy day, and I've lost 6.5 pounds! This was also my first week of the gym though, so that may have something to do with it to it!

But I really do think that counting the calories has helped for me. Im still eating a good amount, and still havent felt hungry at all, but Im just more structured.

Having said all this, I've just had a chinese and a bag of Haribo, so maybe next week won't be as much of a sucess.....:p

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