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SW vs CD!

Ok, anyone else been in my shoes!?

I am currently 17 stone 4lbs and so far on SW, in 10 weeks, I have lost just 12lbs.

I am also exercising so thought this would help increase my weight loss, but if anything, it has slowed down.

I have done the CD in the past and had fab results but when I lapsed, I struggled to get back into it.

I am determined to lose weight but with such a lot to lose, and how slow its coming off, I am thinking maybe CD is the way forward again, if only for a few weeks/months.

I still want to carrying on exercising, so is this possible with the CD?

Really not sure which way to go!
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Everyone has a personal journey, and what's good for one doesn't always work for another. However for me, I prefer CD.

It is far more motivational to lose weight fairly quickly especially when you have a lot to lose.

SW is also very good, it might be a good place to go to keep the weight down when you have lost a bit of weight as they have a very good weight loss plan and excellent meals.

I love CD, its the only one for me, however this time I plan to keep the weight OFF!

Not to sure about exercise, I exercised the last time I was on CD, loved it, the weight fell off and I felt marvellous, but its not always advised for everybody.

Whatever you decide...good luck ;)


this time - the last time
I love the SW plan. I think its great.

Im only 5st, so its very easy for me to gain weight.
So I have decided that I will be able to follow SW plan for the rest of my days. Yes - life goes on - so I'll have the off flexi-syns day. But overall I know it works for me. And if I don't follow it - I will gain weight in the long term.

I'm doing CD, as I need the fast weightloss. I want to get to target - then get in with the rest of my life! CD is fast. And I find SW losses slow.

Pick whatever is right for you. SW nor CD are right for everyone. Depends in what your goals are, and where your mindset is at.


Laugh in the face of food
I used to do SW before I found CD. I weighed 17st 8lbs. I found that I'd take about 9 months to lose 2st with SW and then I get so disheartened by the thought that I still had so much weight to lose. The graph on the SW website that predicts when you'll be at target based on your losses always proved target would be years away. I eventually gave up with SW and ballooned back up, I figured this was how I was meant to be.

My friend started LL and I went with for moral support. I liked the idea of the great losses but not the group therapy and the cost and distance was prohibitive, so I didn't do anything. It was my mum who suggested CD and I found the one on one sessions great.

I'm a CD girl all the way to get the weight off!! I've learned so much about how your body uses carbs and fats for energy.

I'm back on CD after a big US holiday followed by Christmas, followed by being confined to the sofa for 9 weeks due to an injury. I didn't gain it all back but I've got a lot to lose again. But I'm doing SS and it's coming off, with SW I'd be feeling pretty hopeless by this stage but with CD I know I'll make it!

I'm not against SW at all though, I think it's a great diet if you've only hot a couple of st to lose. It can be quite disheartening if you've got lots to lose. I also worry that it doesn't really teach portion control with all the free food you can have. I know in theory the free food is healthy stuff and shouldn't cause weight gain but if you can pile your plate high with pasta or veggies on a green day you're not learning what a 'normal' portion is, and that's a big part of my problem.

Sorry for the huge essay there. Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

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