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SW vs. WW, help me decided please


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i prefer SW... a lot more choice, dont have to count points of everythng you eat and you can feed your family normally in a way where they dont even notice the difference. SW is cheaper as well. i hated WW when i tried it as its so rigid and you have to be a lot more strict for basically the same results you get with SW. To show some balance though... my sister always like WW because of the strictness so i guess it depends on the type of person you are.


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everyone is different and i have a few mates and a work colleague who have had good losses on ww (work mate has lost 5 stone but it took her 18 months)

I personally got obsessed with food on ww, what i could and couldnt eat, wasted my point on unhealthy food then got to 4pm and had none left so was hungry for the rest of the day

sometimes i would go tobed at 9pm cos I was so hungry but had had my points allowance - hubby couldnt understand how i couldnt eat an apple or a yoghurt if i was hungry

with sw i nauturally reach for healthy choices, i have had bigger losess (at ww kept losing and gaining the same few pounds) like that there is always something i can eat cos of free foods

and i can still have treats with my syns

:) x


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Now I was a WW-girl through n through (I can still quote it chapter n verse)... I can lose weigh on their programe no problem but I just can't keep it off :eek:
I found I could be sat in an evening thinking "I have XYZ points left....mmmm what can I eat" :p -not that I was hungry but they were mine and I WAS going to eat them and the fact I had to use points on fruit alway caused me problems as I love the stuff (now I can eat it for free ..... within reason of course)
I have only being doing SW 7 weeks -and god I love it -it just feels right and I can seriously see me eating this way forever;)... I feed hubby he same as me and there is very little weighing (Just my healthy As + Bs).... I haven't so much as considered having choc/crisps etc... even though I have syns for them if I wanted -Im just eating so well I don't want that stuff anymore *please god let it stay that way* :D
I hope you find what works for you ....


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I have done both and they both work just as well as each other. If you do them [roperly and are in the right frame of mind either will work! Having said that I prefer sw as i have a big appetite and was constantly hungry on ww. Also ww didn't change the way i cooked or ate - it just made me eat what i would normally eat but having a much tinier portion! One benefit for ww though, is that it is much easier to follow if you are out and about, for example you can just grab a sandwich and be able to count it. With sw i find eating out to be quite limited - if i have to order another jacket spud i'll cry! Good luck whichever you choose.


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I have never done WW, and don't want to but know people who have, and love it as much as I love SW.
I think you can lose just as much on either plan if you stick to them.
For me, however, I love SW because there is almost no measuring and counting, it's very flexible and easy! I'm in it for life!

Good luck with whatever you choose.


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i've just done SW for the past 9 weeks and only lost 8lb :( i stuck to it 100% but my portion sizes were out of control so i began WW on saturday and i had a peak and i'm already down 2.5lb this week.. i think it totally depends on where you are at the moment. the 'free food' ethos of SW is very tempting and it is a healthy, low fat diet but i found that i really challenged the free food theory by eating too big portions and found although i stuck to the plan, i was hardly losing and just didnt think it was worth the effort. I like how fruit is free on SW, i hate the way WW tempts you to eat one of their chocolate deserts for the same points price of a banana, which are you gonna choose?!
but i find personally i get better losses with WW. i prefer the stictness and i know exactly where i am. losing weight is an equasion; kcals in - kclas used = weightloss and i'm afraid i ate tot much free food on SW to lose much weight each week.
some people argue about one being better, i think theyre both good depending on what kind of dieter you are. noone can argue one is healthier than the other, you can be as healthy as u want to be. you can sit at home all day eating packets of supernoodles on SW, you can spend all you WW on rubbish and ditch things like fruit.
Personally, i will be losing the rest of my weight with WW, then i'll use SW lifestyle to maintain as i dont want to spend the resy of my days counting points in food.
good luck xx

Mrs V

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I have done them both. I think you have to seriously think about what you could continue to follow say in 2 years time. For me SW won hands down! I can adapt so many meals to suit me and my family and I dont even think of this as a diet....never have!

Good luck with your decision!


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I prefer SW to WW watchers cos I would use my points on naff food and didn't really feel that I was changing my eating habbits. But it's great that your asking on both boards. Hope the replies help and you find a plan that works for you.



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If you like cooking from scratch, SW works well... if you're more a convenience food person, WW is easier and more flexible. SW can be difficult to follow if you're not the most prepared person.

SW lets you eat more of the right things, whereas it's easy to play around with WW and only eat chocolate as long as you don't mind going hungry in between! ;)

Personally I found the constant counting with WW too obsessive, and enjoy the freedom of eating whatever I want, whenever I want with SW, as long as I'm sticking to free foods. And I like the fact that because I rarely use my syns during the day, I've nearly always got enough left over for a Curly Wurly before bed ;) The Extra Easy plan does what it says on the tin, and really does feel like something I could follow for life... a healthy eating plan rather than a diet :) It's the first plan where I've kept the majority of the weight off, even when my life was turned completely upside down a few months ago and I stopped going to class, as it had instilled the right eating principles in me.

So I guess you can tell which way I've voted, but there are pros and cons for both :)

Good luck with your decision!!
Sorry but thats just a case of not following it properly if you used all your points so early in the day
It was a little tongue in cheek :), but I did feel they didn't last as long as I wanted (I was on the minimum amount of points and found after breakfast and a sandwich lunch and a couple of fruit snacks I'd have used most of my allowance)

Funnily enough many many years ago WW was the first diet I tried and I loved it - it was in the days when you were allowed so many proteins, so many carb, veg, fruit portions etc. So, me struggling with points was a big disappointment to me.


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I've done both and they both worked. All diets work if your head is in the right place.
For me SW is the only one I got to target with so I stuck with it. I'm sure if I'd picked WW this time round I'd have got to target and stuck with WW - it's just because my head was in the right place and I was determined to lose the weight.

I'm also certain that we will tell you SW is best on here and you'll get the same from WW on there. (I'm off to look now!)

Good luck whatever you choose, they both work and both work well.


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Both work - neither are better than the other

However depending on you, your needs and personality will determine which diet you will suit the best


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i think best thiing you can do it look at food diaries and meals in both sections and work out whats best for you! as everyone is different and what works for 99people might not work for you.

if you look at meal plans and diaries you might get to see what you can do yourself and if you can fit it around your life :)

good luck :)


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Why not go along to one of each group and sit through the first meeting. Tell the consultant you are keeping your options open and then decide after those meetings?

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