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SW when immobile?

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by lornameg, 28 June 2014 Social URL.

  1. lornameg

    lornameg Full Member

    Hi to all
    I am looking for help please. Due to a long, and boring, series of back operations, I am left with a paralysed leg and am forbidden to bend, turn or lift!
    is there anything I should modify on my SW journey, to take into account the fact that I can't burn up any calories by moving around?
    i wondered if I should cut my portion sizes and/or syns.
    i will be grateful for all comments

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  3. Jeanne Von Buttonpopper

    Jeanne Von Buttonpopper Silver Member

    Hi, I think you should begin by having your full 15 syns and eating as you intend to, following the guidelines with the 1/3 superfree, HEX's etc and not cut back on anything at this point.

    You should monitor what happens over the next few weeks. If you find this is working then great, just see how you get along and if things really slow down you can look at making modifications at that time.

    If it really isn't working right from the start, then you can cut down to say 10 syns per day and try that for a couple of weeks and look at your stats, if that doesn't have any results then start looking at portion sizes. Lots of the members here swear by drinking lots of water. I can't say I do and I get on ok. The other thing you can look at is the other plans Red and Green too. Some people have better results on these, especially Red as your carb intake is restricted, which some people find works better for them.

    I hope you get on ok. Let us know how it goes and good luck :D
  4. Reander

    Reander Full Member

    I have fairly limited mobility and I have been following extra easy with no adjustments and no problems so far.

    I'd do as jeanne von buttonpopper says and stick to the plan to start with and see how you go. If you're not losing as you'd like then you can make adjustments. HTH and good luck :)
  5. jogirl

    jogirl Silver Member

    I was temporarily fairly immobile after a hip replacement operation, and apart from an initial gain due to post-surgery swelling*, it had little effect on my losses. I would do as others have said and keep going as normal - if your losses slow down you can make adjustments then.

    *(four days after the op I had gained eight pounds! luckily that vanished after a week)
  6. lornameg

    lornameg Full Member

    Thank you all, reassuring news.
  7. Gwella

    Gwella Silver Member

    Exercise on SW is recommended but optional.
    If you stick to the eating plan, they say you will lose weight even without exercise.
    Exercise can help speed things up and make you healthier overall.
    So you can stick to the plan, see what happens, probably lose weight.
    Maybe there are exercises you can do, if you find that without it you are losing slower than you want? Obviously you might want to wait til you've done more recovering, but your doctor might have suggestions, like special water aerobics classes for people with disabilities or something like that.
  8. Elvisfan4life

    Elvisfan4life Silver Member

    I am immobile just now due to a broken foot just keep going hun it,doesnt seem to make much difference so far touch wood
  9. lornameg

    lornameg Full Member

    Thanks for the support. What will I do when Wimbledon is over??
  10. Elvisfan4life

    Elvisfan4life Silver Member

    I am getting worried about gaining too as my recovery period is now 6 to 12 weeks..my loss had slowed right down anyway so should i cut portion sizes or leave anything .out?
  11. NotsofattyPatty

    NotsofattyPatty Gold Member

    I would expect your weight loss to have slowed down by this stage. If your stats are up-to-date, you are well within the ideal BMI range for your height. I would concentrate on maintaining whilst you are immobile, particularly if you normally do a lot of exercise. Even if you think you would ultimately like to lose more weight, maintaining now if good practice for later on. I'm finding maintaining is not easy - you still need to embrace the SW principles.

    If you still want to lose weight over the next few weeks, you could cut Syns down to the minimum recommended of 5 a day and/or slightly reduce portion sizes but don't cut out the HExs, particularly the A choice as calcium will be very important whilst your bones are healing.
  12. Elvisfan4life

    Elvisfan4life Silver Member

    Tbh its only since i started SW in may that i have eaten any dairy and i had a very early medically induced menopause so my bones are brittle thus the 2 fractures so thank you for that....i do need to lose more as i gained 3 stone very quickly due to ill health and my circulation isnt good either so i need to lose the rest for medical reasons..i must start watching portion sizes
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