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Swapping Soups for Shakes?


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Yeah i have done this a few times with things. Your pharmacist should be fine with it :)
Thanks - think I am going to stick to the shakes and maybe make my one in the evening as a mocha or as a hot choc!! All I know is me and those soups are finished!!! x


urgh, totally agree, cant get on with the soups at all. shakes all the way for me! can't be doing with the flapjacks (that names quite a crock too!!)

agree with summer, pharmacist will be fine with that. xx


Here we go again!
You should be fine doing that. I liked the soups for the first 2 weeks then couldn't stomach them anymore. I only have 14 choc and 7 strawberry every week now. I find the strawberry very sweet now, strange how your tastes change on LT. It used to be the sweeter the better but not anymore.


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when i first went onto Lt the chemist told me to return with any i didn't like and they would swop. tried soup but gave up.


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Your tastes certainly do change. i really liked the soup at first, as a savoury treat, now it makes me gag so I won't be having it again.

I have all 3 shakes, but not a massive fan of the strawberry. Choc is my definite fave, i have the vanilla with a teaspon of coffee for breakfast every day :)
Tried 2 soups :sign0137: and changed them for shakes for the whole of my LT journey...LOVED a tsp coffee granuals wizzes with the Vanilla and lots of ice = Iced Frappaccino.....:bliss:


A little of everything!
Mine won't change them! I was given a selection of everything in my first week so I'd know what I liked/didn't like for the 2nd week. I think it was a great idea as I LOVE the soups & flapjacks (I know!) but if I'd dismissed them because a lot on here don't like them then I'd be restricting myself to choc shakes! (My favourite!)


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i got a selection at first tried everythin and took back what i didnt like they wher fine with it hope that helps

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