swapping to go lower?


hi all, this is my first week of my second time on Lipotrim and finding it really hard. i dont mind the shakes etc but really missing eating this time. i was thinking of swapping to Go Lower. does anyone know this diet? i thought i might do another 2 weeks on LT then swap. Got my first weigh in on Fri cos chemist cant make it tomorrow. Any advice esp about go lower
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I will be skinny again!!!
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Im sorry i havent heard of it!!
hmm personally i would stick to LT, but if go lower involves eating.. if you are able to control what your eating and not over eat then go for it :D



Having only joined this website a few days ago I'm still finding my way round and stumbled upon your question regarding Go Lower.

Please do not try it...I did it for a month last year, it was pretty easy to do although I did fee hungry (although not overly). However, I decided I lost enough weight (half a stone I think) so decided to come off it. Anyway, I started eating normal food and threw up everything I had, then had really bad sweats....so bad the doctor had to come to my house. Anyway, to cut a long story short, he said all of my symptoms was due to a severe lack of sugar intake and other vital ingredients for your body to function properly. He advised a diet for me to recover properly and also said that from that sort of diet there is a huge probablitiy that you can become diabetic.

It took me a good few months to get over it.

If you are adament you want to do it then please please speak with your doctor first but I would not advise it.

Any more questions please do let me know


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Never heard of it but it doesn't sound too good. Have you considered doing the cambridge diet? I've swapped from LT and finding it much easier