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Morning ladies!

Just wondering is swede free on a red day?

Was thinking of making shepherds pie for tea tonight with carrot and swede mash for the topping. If i can do that then i will do red and get an extra a and b choice or i will do extra easy and just make it as i normally do with potato!
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Swede is a superfree so free on both red and green.

Ooh yum shepherds pie, so nice in this weather, proper comfort food!


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Yes Henna it is free on a Red day - I love swede and carrots mixed together with lots of black pepper on top of a shepherds pie, enjoy. X


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swede is free on all days - enjoy the cottage pie


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Swede and carrot mash is a great alternative to potatoes, and superfree

Also, mashed butternut sqaush is a great superfree alternative too

If doing a red day I roast, gratin, mash, boil or wedge any of these veg as a great accompanyment which leaves my hexB free for a lovely alpen light fest in the evening!



I can do this............
S: 14st3lb C: 11st11lb G: 10st13lb Loss: 2st6lb(17.09%)
Oh thanks ladies!! Sheperds pie for tea tonight then!! I wasn't sure because i thought it was a bit starchy like potatoes and parsnips!!


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Swede and carrot mash is great on shepherds pie. I sprinkle some cheese on top to, just for good measure and use it as an Hea. We are having it tomorrow.


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Are sweet potatoes still superfree? Cos that makes a nice topping too.


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Indeed - sweet potatoes have never been free on a red day. Free on EE and green only. Sorry!