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Sweet-like-coco's food journal

8th April 2010

breakfast: 1 fried egg in a little butter
2 slices of smoked turkey
1 slice of edam cheese
1-2 bites of tomato

snack: Tall Americano from Starbucks

lunch: smoked turkey rolled up with 1 oz of haloumi cheese

dinner: chicken mini fillets pan fried and tossed in single cream and cheddar cheese

2 litres of water

Do you guys think I am eating too much cheese? I find it hard to just consume meaty meals I need some kind of sauce or something to make it taste less meaty..
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LOL, My sentiments exactly Linz.

All together now!!

"Green Leafy Veg"


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I LOVE greens.
I have to be very careful measuring mine as I could easily have too many!
possibly Coco, you'll have to give it a try.
9th April 2010

Breakfast: 1 egg muffin (2 g carbs)

Snack: 1 starbucks americano (5g)

Lunch: Chicken salad with Parmesan (7 g)

Snack: 1 Babybel (1g)

Dinner: Rib Eye Steak cooked in olive oil and a salad with lettuce and olive oil (3g)

Dessert: a few spoonfuls of double cream with a tiny bit of splenda (2g)
Food Journal for the 11th April

Brunch/Lunch- i got up reeeeeally late! Roast Chicken from Sainsbury's and salad

Snack: 2 pepperami

Dinner: 2 smoked turkey slices with Philadelphia

Snack: 2 decaf teas with a tbspoon of cream each
Morning Coco, is that enough veggies love?
Hi Jim,

I had a lot of salad with lunch and didn't want to go over my carb limit. Maybe I should spread my veggies out more... I wish I liked them more...
ah no, it doesn't matter when you eat them love, provided you manage your 20 carbs is fine.
LOL, You know I wasn't much of a veggie eater pre Atkins, well except for chips etc... now I just love them, funny isn't it.
Made a huge batch of boiled Italian meatballs in tomato sauce yesterday. The entire batch had 35 carbs due to the tinned tomatos but it made a looooot of servings. We had that both yesterday and today for lunch and dinner with a side salad of lettuce, spinach leaves and a couple of slices of cucumber. The meatballs were yummy! For breakfast I have been having eggs with asparagus for the past two days although I do have to say that I am usually leaving some of my asparagus as I really don't like the taste of it...

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