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Glass of wine anyone?
Hey Guys and Girls,

Tiny problem but need some advice,

I spend about 4 hours a day in Starbucks, and live on coffee and Tea, which are both black, Earl Grey is nicer black than regular tea, for those that don't like Black Tea it is worth a try.

But, My question is,

are we allowed sweetners and if so, all or some?

Will certain types kick me out of ketosis?

Feedback will be appreciated,



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Hello...you are allowed tablet sweetner not powdered :)


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Nearly! ;)

Powdered sweeteners contain citric acid which will knock you out of ketosis and stop you losing weight.

I keep a pack of the tablet sweeteners in my bag so I never have a problem when out and about.


Glass of wine anyone?
Thanks Hun,

I will go any buy some asap,

Used some Powdered today in Starbucks in a coffee,

Fingers crossed it doesn't do to much damage,


Deb G

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Splenda is the best to buy as it doesn't have aspartame in. Tablets are fab - you can have powder once in RTM - it has a small amount of cal/carb in, hence why not good in abstinence - but FABULOUS after - about 0.2cals per tsp!


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haha thats what i was thinking :S x


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Nearly! ;)

Powdered sweeteners contain citric acid which will knock you out of ketosis and stop you losing weight.
You are not meant to have them - and if you look at the pack you will see that they have a higher carb content than tablet sweetner (generally due to the bulking agents used).

I was not aware that they contain citric acid (and the one in our cupboard doesn't). They certainly never took me out of ketosis on Atkins (or on the odd occasion I have had them whilst on LL), but everybody is different.


Glass of wine anyone?
Hey Girls and Guys,

THanks for the comments,

4 hours in starbucks is spent working and also doing Uni stuff,

So it becomes part of my office,

Thanks for letting me know about the sweetners,

I do now have a large packet of tablet sweetners in all my bags, (yes i have far too many men bags) hehe

So i will never go without again and can enjoy my Earl Grey Tea a little sweeter, not that i need it of course,

I am sweet enough,




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