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Ohhhh. Thats so not a good position to be in, BUT, all is not lost. You can HAVE these things, you just have to count them amongst your syns, and limit the amount you do have. If you cant find syn values for the items (retro sweets might not show up on the syn list) then guesstimate about 20 cals per syn. Enjoy, in moderation!
I have already had a few, so far i've not had any syns apart from the sweets and I am having spag bol which will be free.

See this is what I do, i would rather not have anything like sweets etc as I tend to binge on them and then the guilt comes!

Personally once I start I cant stop. So, as easy as it sounds, I just dont have the sweets that surround me. I do not have the free lunch that is provided at work. I do not eat the cakes brought in for birthdays. I do not have the glass of wine on fridays. I do have my own treats, alpen bars and the like but the really 'bad' stuff that I used to eat I must stay away from. For now at least.

Thats it really, no will power, I just dont even consider them an option. They are not for me. I can not have them.
Just ask yourself how much you want to lose weight as the sweet goes near your mouth.
Think of getting on the scales at WI.
You can probably have half a dozen sweets for your daily syns, at the most so go steady!
Well you have the control and the choices to make. Here are your choices, you choose which one is right for you.

Choice A - eat loads of sweets in a random and uncontrolled fashion, then spend the rest of the day having guilt and beating yourself up in an unconstructive manner. Risk your losses this week.


Choice B - stop eating them now, and portion them up so you can have a few each day at work as part of your plan and part of your syn allowance. Feel better that you have taken control of the situation, are not bingeing and have lots of smaller treats to look forward to. Put your weekly WI at no risk and be confident that you have taken control and made the best possible choices for yourself.

Its all in your hands. Which do you want more, the sweet binge and the guilt, or the occasional treat and the self-control and confidence boost?
It starts as oh i'l just have the one, and then oh just one more I just need to not have them! I work with 3 people all of which eat what they want, always bring in cakes, sweets everytime we have a cup of tea/coffee biscuits are always offered which I am used to saying no to now but Im just find it really hard some will power would be nice!

See i need to think like that, i lost a lb last week and I really want to lose a couple this week so I get to half a stone.
We all have willpower. We just choose to ignore it when theres something we crave. My weakness is chocolate and so I do limit what I have, and go for something that isnt "chocolate", like a fibre plus bar and a hot chocolate, rather than actual chocolate bars. That way, I still get a chocolatey fix, but I am not eating actual chocolate that would tempt me into eating ALL of the chocolate I can lay my hands on.

It actually works very well as a psychological fix for the craving without doing me any harm on the scales.


Always comes back to MMs!
I'm with Chicaloca on this one... I can't even have them near me lol, I avoid all the sweets / bday cake / biccies at work cos I can't trust myself to make the right choices!

You're doing great, keep going xxxx

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