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I ♥ Slimming World :)
Just wondering ...

I swim most days and I reckon it is good for my overall fitness/stamina, and also when I have lost enough weight for it to show I think it will give me a good body shape and muscle definition.

BUT does it help with weight loss?

My guess is no, unless you really go for it which I don't.

Any ideas or comments anyone?
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Must do - just had a quick google and burns quite a few calories. I guess the faster / harder you go the more you will lose. This remind me I have to get back into swimming!!

swimming, crawl, slow (50 yards/ minute), moderate or light effort

water activities

Calories burned:
294 (Kcals) in 30 minutes for a person weighing 70 kg


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Any exercise helps, surely.
I suppose the only thing you have to look out for if you swim quite frequently (or any other exercise) is that in the end you might start gaining muscle mass. The scales might say you're not losing as much weight, but you might notice your clothes are looser. That's why, to a certain extent, I prefer to take note of inches lost alongside pounds :)
Hi Dave,

I started swimming about 4 times per week, and at first I noticed that I my weight loss slowed down. However, after the first couple of weeks, my weight loss each week was about 1/2 - 1lb higher than without the swimming. I now swim about 3 miles per week, and believe this definately helps with toning!
SW say exercise can increase weight loss but only by 1-2lbs a month. The health and toning benefits far outweigh (pardon the pun!) any little extra losses on the scales though IMO>

You don't need to really go for it, as long as you are getting slightly out of breath that's good enough!
I believe that swimming - like yoga develops long lean muscles (think georgeous male dancer type body) So I am sure whatever the sacles say you are doing the right thing for the creation of an asthetically pleasing bod. Well done you!


I ♥ Slimming World :)
Thanks all for your comments.

It isn't that I am considering stopping the swimming, I have just invested £100 in a 4 month pass that gets me in anytime for nothing :)

I love being in the water, and I love swimming, and I know it must be doing something as in the afternoons my legs arms and shoulders do start to feel it.

I think my weight loss up to now has been very quick as I have been doing a lot of cycling and Wii fit too. With the weather being what it is I haven't been out on the bike for over a month and with fitting swimming in around work and home life I haven't been on the Wii fit either! I think I need to try and do a little more on the Wii fit even if it means swimming a little less.

It's all good though :)


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swimming is a great form of exercise as you are burning fat and toning without putting stress on joints, probably more effective than the wii fit, although i know you enjoy that too. Whatever you're doing it's obviously working as you've lost loads:) well done and keep it up.
Breathing burns calories ...... im sure that swimming does, lol keep swimming x


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As said exercise, any exercise is great, but most people don't do lengths of front crawl when they go to the pool, they do leisurely breast stroke. If this is you then you'll not be burning lots of calories but the water resistance will help with toning.
i dont do much exercise, and did absoloutley zilch the entire time i was loosing weight, expect for the last 5lbs. I did 10 lengths one week combined with what i would ahve normally eaten when trying to loose and i lost 3lbs that week, and did another 10 lengths the week and lost 2 it was great. i never get those results from any other exercise. Even though it was only 10 lengths.. (iv had bad experiances swimming and combined with asthma im not very confident)

i now do aquafit on a monday to help build up stamina and over all fitness and maybe give my body some type of toning, but iv recently started swimming once a week as a regular thing and i ALWAYS loose when i swim and am good on plan (I.e trying to lose weight not maintain) this week i pushed myself to 30 lengths and lost 3.5lbs. Deffinalt wouldnt have done that much without the swimming. x
As said exercise, any exercise is great, but most people don't do lengths of front crawl when they go to the pool, they do leisurely breast stroke. If this is you then you'll not be burning lots of calories but the water resistance will help with toning.

I only do breastroke. Cos im a girl and i just look like fish out of water LOL seems to work for me. Maybe im just special!


I ♥ Slimming World :)
Yeah I admit a lot of my lengths are breast stroke but I try to throw some front crawl and backstroke in too.

I seem to struggle with my breathing doing crawl, so can't do two lengths in a row as I'm still recovering from the previous one lol
I find that no exercise seems to help with weight loss at all. However, it helps in so many other ways. I feel quite grumpy if I don't go and relesase some endorphins a couple of times a week.


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