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I love swimming and have taken to going for a swim 4 mornings a week. I'm normally in the pool by 6.30, swim for an hour and out by 7.30 so I can be ready and at work for 9.

I'm just not sure which would burn more calories - interval training on the treadmill in the gym (I normally do 250meters jogging at a speed of 8.5 and 100meters steady pace of 5.5 for a total of 35 minutes including warm up/cool down), and also do some resistance and leg work. On the other hand I am a strong swimmer as I literally grew up in the water, and even though the added weight has slowed me down - it hasnt slowed me down that much.

If i swim in the mornings and do around half an hour to an hour of yoga in the evenings 4 times a week and perhaps the lateral thigh trainer a couple of times for 20 minutes each time - would that be enough exercise or is it better to go to the gym for an hour's workout instead of swimming?
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lol - my body was used to 4 hours of excercise/swimming a day plus a couple of hours badminton 3-4 times a week. And then suddenly the exercise went to zero as i moved to the countryside from london where there was no public transport and I hadn't yet learnt to drive plus the added complication of PCOS hence I piled on all the weight.

I started working out with a personal trainer for 10 sessions this year but the weight wouldn't budge - I think the main problem was probably my portions were still the same size as when I was a work-out freak. Even on LT the weight isn't going as fast as everyone else so I guess I'm just trying to up the exercise to help it along.. :confused:
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You seem to be very dedicated! I have heard the best type of training is interval training. But I have also heard that it is best to alternate your exercise and do different things. And I have also heard that it is best to exercise doing things you enjoy, because then you are more likely to stick at it!

Many people say that swimming is a very good exercise - but apparently it is the least effective exercise in relation to weight loss (I actually phoned the maximuscle people one time to make an enquiry about this as in their fitness book it said to exercise but not to swim! - I was baffled cos I loved swimming so I phoned them and they said it was least effective.)

Also read this - it also says swimming is not good for weight loss.
Is Swimming a Good Exercise for Weight Loss?

General consensus from many articles after googling is that swimming is not effective as a weight loss exercise but it is good for fitness.

If you enjoy it - then do it! As it is still good for you - but it doesnt seem to help you reach your weight loss goals much quicker.

Hope this helps!

Thanx Julz - that was really helpful :)

I guess I'll have to go back to gyming again - not that i don't enjoy it - its just that the nearest gym is quite far and i have to sit through traffic to get there (if anyone says i should walk there i have no hope coz it would take 3 hours and there isn't a proper footpath - i'd have to tackle a dual carriageway).

Yup - i also understand that interval training is the best form and i also vary my exercise routines when i go to the gym coz apparently it confuses your body as ur body is not used to you doing just one routine - hence if you vary it you're likely to burn more calories.

The only thing i didn't know is that swimming doesn't help with weightloss so i guess i'll have to go to the gym in addition to swimming.. Perhaps I should try walking now that the weather is getting better..

Thanx Julz and Lillie for your suggestions/tips :)


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What about biking it?

I am impressed with your dedication - I really must do more exercise!!!!!!!! You have inspired me to pull my finger out and up my activity levels!

Thanx.. Biking is a thought - our garage was broken into in April and bikes were stolen. That's no excuse I know but still haven't gotten round to getting new bikes - especially as we hadn't used them in over a year anyway! But i might think about walking during my lunch hour. that'll be something :)

PS - your losses are so good cuddlyfairy - you don't have to up your activity levels drastically like me!


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Thank you, although my losses have slowed down lately.

Shame about your bikes.

Your own losses are brilliant as well - and you have a lot less to lose than me! You'll be at your target before you know it.



Says it as it is!!!
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Swimming is good for all over toning and your heart tho hun ...so i would go with lil and say alternate and that way you wont get bored xxx
Thanx Cuddlyfairy.. and thanx nictastic.. yah I deicided to alternate - didnt go swimming this morning instead did 20 minutes on the lateral thigh trainer and then an hour of yogalates (louise soloman yogalates for weightloss). I really sweated it out on the LTT - felt good.. might go on it again tonight and swimming tomorrow morning..

And i'll go for a walk at lunchtime too :)

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