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i dont swim, but when i have ive come back exhausted, which must be a good thing! and i guess just go when its the fast swimmers, they will probs be concentrating on swimming themselves!


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I went last night and it was pretty dead in the pool to be honest. Look to see if your local pool has adult only times as this is when you will find a lot of the hardy swimmers go so not to be interupted and like PP says there too busy working on theor own ego/swimming techniques to notice the likes of us intermediates!!! haha


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i would love to go to the pool but the lad i used to go out with at shcool works there and there is no way i am going, have thought about going to local pool that you can hire take the kids too and me swim and they can play.

is there anyone you could go with, i also found that afternoons were quiet apart from the retired who were keeping fit too (i just saw the lad and chickened out)


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id go to a aqua fit class, thats what i did.. and it was great, everybodys in the same boat, i made my husband go the first week as i didnt wanna go alone and he stuck out more than me as he was the only fella bless him, but as it goes i was 21 stone then and was not the biggest in the pool and there were no kids (who are usually the cruel ones) id say just go for it.. really good work out too!
nic x

Mrs V

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I used to go first thing in the morning when the lanes had been divided up and would join the elderly in the slow lane...I would do 68 lengths in half an hour and it toned everything! No more Bingo wings and its like all excercise really, the genuine people there are there purely to get fit and healthy its not a body beautiful competition..have fun!


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Oh I should have also said that any one whol looks with disaproving eyes are not worth it and if one of the cocky ones say anything just tell them that at least you are doing something to help your weight unfortulnatly it looks like their personality problems are there to stay!!!

At the gym induction last night the instructor was really nice and said those who look cocky usually are and are not working on their muscles or fitness but working on their egos!!! Sooooo true.

Now forget what people think - Thats half the battle when loosing weight and do what feels good/right for you.

You can do it!!


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Go when there are lane sessions - I hate going when the pool has no lanes and is full of kids - makes it near impossible to have a serious swim, I like to really go for it when I'm in the pool, I usually go twice a week. If you look at the pool timetable, going towards the end of a lane session is good (i.e the last half hour) as it gets quieter.