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Swine flu jab for children

My just gone 2yr old girl is booked in for her swine flu jab tomorrow but i am worried about it as a few people have said not for her not to have it.
I really dont know what to do, is there anyone here that didnt give their child it. One of my friends has opted out and the other has given it.


Am i a bad mother if i do and a bad mother if i dont.
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Think you ahve to go with instinct and what you feel. My experience is my daughter ahving swine flu. It was like any other flu to be honest, not the most pleasant few days, but easy got over. I did ahve tamiflu, but stopped it after 2 days as sure it made her worse. After that was lots of calpol, fluids, cuddles and DVDs. For this reason I wouldn't vaccinate my other one, cos I jsut thought it's not worth it. However, those that have suffered a seveere bout of swine flu would probably rightly disagree with that. Go with instinct. To be honest, I think uou're a good mother if you do, and a good one if you don't. You've thought about it and done what you think nis best!


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My little boy is 14 months & we're in 2 minds what to do as well. Husband says no but I'm not convinced it's a very difficult decision and I'm afraid only you can make it.


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Hi... we deliberated for ages TBH & then felt that we'd feel awful if she got swine flu badly & we'd not given her the jab. DD was 2 1/2 when she had her jab in January, she didn't even cry with the jab going in (infact most of the kids came out with no tears) & she has absolutley no side affects what-so-ever... she was at a birthday party the afternoon of her jab.

Good luck with whatever you decide. x


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i have 3 children they have all had thier swine flu jabs me included we were all fine hun xxxxxxxxx id say go for it xxxx
I think im going to cancel it.
I dont want to run the risk of her delveloping anything else that could be caused from the jab. Been doing some research this morning and they dont know 100% that the jab is safe so i am not going to risk it. I wont cancel until the morning as im going to think about it for the rest of the day and talk to my partner tonight about it but somthing is telling me not to let her have it.


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To be fair there is no drug or medication that they can guarantee is 100% safe ... have you seen the list of possible side effects from something as innocuous as aspirin? You have to weigh up any potential risk against the benefits and do it on an informed basis, not as a reaction to scare stories from friends, relatives or internet sites. In my opinion the risks of not vaccinating far outweigh any potential risk from the shot itself, but that is just my opinion and you and your partner must do what is best for your family.
just spoken to my mother, my brother has suspected swine flu now so think maybe i should give it to her.

Just would never forgive myself if anything happened to her after having it as i read some stories about a few children in america dieing after they had it.

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My Daughter has just had hers and apart from a little cold after, she was fine.
I was like you and wasnt sure what to do until I spoke with a Dr that I used to work for as his Nanny. He gave both his girls the jab too and after reassuring me, I went ahead...it was the same with the MMR jab. Daughter has had this too.
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It's such a tough decision, my children were young when the MMR vacine was first introduced & I wouldn't let them have it, they were in a minority.

It was only when my son went to uni he decided to have the MMR. My daughter still hasn't had it.

I feel I made the right choice for my children at that time, & you will do whatever you decide.
i am not giving it to her now i feel that Swine Flu is dying out now and as long my daughter is fit and healthy and think that if she does have it she will fight it off herself. I personally don’t think there is sufficient evidence to the safeness of the injection. Also I haven’t heard of any babies or young children dying of Swine Flu only the Old and Infirm people who have underlying illness.

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TBH I think that if they are prepared to give tis vaccine to pregnant women then they must be pretty confident in it because usually pregnant women aren't even given paracetemol.
My son is 12 and has asthma so he's had the jab, and so have I.
I think you have to do what's best for you and what you feel comfortable with.
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My daughters 18 year old friend died from complications of Swine Flu, she had no underlying complaint and was otherwise fit. Absolute tragedy.
If my children were young enough I would vaccinate, millions of doses of flu vaccine are given every year, whilst it's true no medication is safe for everyone, the risks are far smaller with the vaccine than without.
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We haven't been offered it yet, but my 2 year old son won't be having it. I'm just not confident that there's been enough testing etc at this time to be certain there aren't any side effects in the long term - say 10 years down the line.

As I see it, he's fit and healthy and I wouldn't give (nor would he be offered) the 'regular flu' jab, so why have this? Many more people die of seasonal flu than swine flu...

However, it's a very personal decision only you can make :)
My 6 year old son had the vaccine .As he suffers with asthma and multiple allergies he was in an at risk group . For this reason , after much debate( & a few sleepless nights on my part ) we decide to ahead with it. I don't think you are being a bad parent, by deciding not to go agreeing to give it to your daughter, it is very much a personal choice.

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