Switched to CD!


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Evening all!
Hope everyone had a good day!
I started on monday on LL, just to get myself back into ketosis knowing that i'd be meeting my CDC last night and 2day has been my 1st day on CD and so far it's so much better than LL! Half the price and lots more flavours to choose from!..And the cranberry bar, YUM!!
So, So far so good!:p

I did have a couple of questions though that hopefully one of you lovely people could help me with!

:confused: why do CD only have 3 packs a day and LL have 4? Am i having less calories than on LL?

:confused: as i said i love the cranberry crunch bar, i only took 3 this to try...how many bars r u allowed a week? is there a maximum?

:confused: Also the shake in the cartons are so handy! esp for work! Is there a limit on them too?

Thanks all! :)
I think u can only have one bar a day cos they have extra carbs in. Im not sure about tetra cartons, they have same cals as shakes (virtually) so i think u could have 3 a day if u wanted. Maybe LL has less cals in each shake -cambridge has about 130. U can have 4 if u want, it just works out more expensive but u can do it if u want to. Hope this has helped!
Katie x
Yes, just one bar a day. The peanut and the cranberry don't have extra carbs, but could give you nasty wind if you have more.

I think the cal content is about the same for LL and CD. I assume the LL meal is less calories per meal.

You can just have tetras! I've known people who have done the whole diet using tetras alone :)

Glad you're enjoying it:cool:
Spicy tomato, BLEEUUUGGGHHH!!!

All the others, YUMMMMMMM!!!!
LL used to be only three packs per day when I started last year too - they just split the three into four so that people could have a 'snack' too. I could never do four packs though so ended up putting the three together.

I think you can have a bar per day but not 100% sure. I do have two tetra packs a day because I find it easier during the day with the kids, then I have my shake at night. You just need to be sure to drink more water though.
you can have the same number of tetras (cartons) as shakes/soups but you do need to drink extra water if you have them.

good luck!
Yup, 1 bar a day max, extra half pint with tetras and bars and LL packs contain about 30g of diet per sachet, CD is about 40g I believe. So same content.......different format!

Tomato.....hrm....have to be in the right mood for it. Strange stuff, don't make crisps out of it....they go all fluffy!!:confused::confused: