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Switching from Cambridge Diet? Help please!


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I am losing the plot doing the Cambridge Diet, I've lost some weight but I find myself sitting in tears a lot it's sooo hard.

I have a few questions about WW.

Has anyone swapped from CD to WW and did you gain a lot of weight initially?

How many points am I able to have a day? Is it based on Calories or Carbs?

And finally, approx how much weight should I lose each week?

Thank you so much

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Can't w8 2 b "Dr.WMBB" :)


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Thank you for answering! That sounds do-able. I really appreciate your help.


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Hi Minirog

Have not done cambridge myself but have a long history of failed diet attempts. Just wanted to give some support. It is difficult when you have a lot to lose but many of us on here are in the same boat and will give loads of help and support if needed.

I love ww as it is teaching me portion control and is a way of eating that I know I can carry on doing.

Good luck and shout if you need help along the way.


Hi I was a failed CD :eek: could not for the life of me stick to such a hard regime , I messed about for a year one stone off one stone on.

I found a plan that works for me (not WW) but I just wanted to say it can be done on a different plan. I had my 18th WI tonight and I have lost 4 stone so it is possible so good luck and take the plunge :D
I am also coming of Cambridge and thinking of ww. Have lost over 3 stones (half of that with Cambridge and other half just cutting down). Have done ww in past but did not really stick to it as was not really in correct frame of mind where as now feel that I definatly am.


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I will always be a firm advocate of ww as it doesn't rule any foods or treats out. You can plan everything in advance too, but also survive if you have something "off the cuff"...I can't speak for any weight gain after the cambridge diet, as I could never be that strict with myself but ww is the way forward in my opinion :) Good luck
Hi I did Cd in 2005 2007 and 2008 and LL in 2006 :eek: ending up 3 stone heavier.....Me not the plans.
I did WW after CD in 2005 and I like said had a couple of week break from plans inbetween so any gain would happen then as after we stop any vlcd we put a little on due to the glucien sores and fluid coming back I think I put on 2-3lbs in that time of 2 week.
Make sure you carry on drinking the water not too much,and exercise with WW I will say and most people do after doing a VLCD you get used to large losses and 1/2-2lbs a week on ww will seem so small and so slow but its not ,I even now get a bit :eek: at the small losses as my head got in the mind set of 3lbs+ a week.
I feel vlcd are ok for 12 weeks 3 stones after that its hard as life is involving food and alot of people do really fantastic on vlcd and I think if you can do them all ok and happy then its good but if its making you sad then its timeto move on.

The good thing is you are going over to a new plan quiet quick and not doing a me and gaining the weight back and more.
Well done and if you choose ww we are here for you

Good luck xx


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I firmly believe that ww is a change of lifestyle for good and CD isn't something I would be able to do for a sustained period let alone forever...
Well went and joined ww this morning. Dont think I will continue going to class but had a free join and class voucher so did not cost anything and got the book and bought the deluxe kit with calculator etc. I was eating really well befor Cambridge and had lost weight but needed a quick boost as trying for a baby and needed Bmi down by a certain date for referal for ivf (which I managed thanks to Cambridge). I have spent a few weeks moving up plans so hopefully will be able to move to ww without a gain. I had been thinking about just going back to calorie counting but thought that with ww as would need to look up everything as dont know point values it would keep me on my toes. Cambridge was great for me as got me where I needed to be quickly but I would not want to do it long term. Think problem with it is that some people dont change eating habits and just lose and then binge and then need to start all over again. I am very confident this time that wont gain weight as have changed my lifestyle. Will I was on Cambridge food I missed most was salmon salad.


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Hiya I have just come over from Lipotrim to WW. I did really well on LT and lost 5 stones, but lost the willpower to carry on such a strict regime after Christmas and spent the last 3 months just pratting about - nibbling and eating when I shouldnt, so thought that I might as well go the whole hog and eat food again but with an element of control therefore came to WW. I did not do a proper refeed or anything so that means that I have put on 2lb for my first - but that has not upset me as I knew that was to be expected. The Class Leader even said that might happen anyway. I am on 22 points and find that there is just so much food and am thinking of doing Fast Start. The next biggest problem to get my head around is the slower weight loss, but as long as there is a loss then I am going to be happy.


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Well done on your loss so far Jools. I can see what you're doing means a lot and I think ww is a sensible way to achieve it :) Good luck and keep me posted! I only hope I can do as well as you!


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Wow, sorry I haven't checked in for a bit.

Thanks for all your help. It's brilliant to read.

Right, well, I'm going to finish off 6 weeks with CD (2 to go) and then sign up to WW. My personal trainer (who kicks my arse in the gym) suggested it without me saying anything so I took it as a sign that WW really would be the right plan for me. I'm going to do WW online as I'm too shy to join a class, but if you guys are here then I reckon that'll be all the support I need and I hope I can be useful to you guys too.

Thanks millions x

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