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Switching from CD to SW

I've been doing CD for 4 weeks and have lost 17lbs which is great, but it is putting a major strain on my finances (have a family of 5 to feed so £150 is a lot to be spending on a diet) so I've decided that even though I'm loving the losses I've had I just can't afford to carry on doing it. :(
I've tried WW before and it's really not for me so after looking at the plan I think SW might be the right one to do, also DH needs to lose about 5st and I think he'd love the red days.
I have about 10st to lose :eek: and really wanted to lose it quickly but now I've come to realize that it's going to be a really long process and it's quite daunting.
My first meeting is tomorrow and I have to admit I'm looking forward to eating again. :D
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Hiya, welcome to the world of SW I needed to lose 10stone too but have already lost 22Lbs off that in 8 weeks.:D I think SW is perfect for people who have a big appetite as you can eat as much free foods as you like which suits me great. Keep us posted on your progress and if you are ever having a tough day just let us know as you get some really lovely comments from people that know what you are going through that pull you back up.
Hi Lovepuff, I'm finding it OK. I'm having trouble getting used to how much you can eat and I definitely can't eat as much as I did before CD. I was worried that I would put loads of weight on this week but I weighed myself this morning and I haven't put anything on (haven't lost anything either), this week I will be happy if I maintain while my body gets used to food again and then next week I will expect a loss.
I am still a bit disappointed that I can't afford to continue doing CD I was soooo looking forward to being a size 16 by christmas and now it looks like that will take at least 1yr (probably more like 2) but I suppose as long as I am losing weight and not putting it on it's a step in the right direction.
My first meeting was good because somebody had bought food in for us to try, it was pasta with quorn swedish style balls in a spicy tomato sauce, absolutely gorgeous. :eat:
I'm not the best cook in the world but I think even I could manage that.
Hi Tracey, I think the thing is that you haven't just given up because you have had to stop CD. You are right, your body needs to adjust to eating again and your losses will soon start to show. Hugs x
Hi Tracey

I, like you, changed from CD to SW - I had two days of eating whatever I liked inbetween the change, put on about 6 pounds in those couple of days then started SW. In the first week I lost four pounds and from then on since, it's been a steady pound a week - apart from one blib when I actually lost two pounds!!!! I wish it was faster but I think, like my SW consultant, that CD kind of screws around with your metabolism a bit! I've done SW a few years back and have to say that then, the weight loss was faster and really about two pounds as week. All I can say honey, is stick with it and you'll see results. Let me know how you get on!
I've lost 1/2lb this week. :)
I know it's not much but I really was expecting to have put a couple of lbs on just because I'm eating again. So even though it's only 1/2lb I'm really pleased, hopefully next week it will be 1-2lbs.
Hi Tracey

You have really well to lose weight in your first week after switching from CD, Most people put on 2 or 3 pounds!!

Well done and keep it up girl!! x


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Well done Tracey :cool:
hi tracey, like you i switced from CD to SW but had a 4 day break in between were i gained 4lb my 1st weigh in was last week and lost 7lb so was made up it will only take you a week max for your body to get use to the food again and you will start seeing bigger loses
good luck
jennie x


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hiya tracie, hows it goig so far? im glad you like eating the sw way its the healthiest 'diet' out there :D

please dont get disheartend if you just lose 1-2lbs per week and its coming off more slowly than you'd like it to.

just think of how healthy you and your family will feel eating all that lovely fruit and veg and wholegrain foods!!! afterall sw isnt just a diet its a lifestyle and lifelong plan :) keep at it, you're doing great!

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