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Switching from Lipotrim?


Size 14 here i come!
Hi everyone i am looking for answers and advice please.

I have been on LT for nearly 4weeks and have lost 17lbs so far. I did it a yr ago and lost 4 st. I am wanting to know if anyone else has gone from LT or another TFR diet to Atkins? If so did you put anyweight back on in the beginning?

Whats the average rate for weight lossa week on Atkins? I have never done it before and don't know alot about it except it's a low carb diet.

I do like LT but i miss eating, i love eating, not loads but of course the bad stuff that's what got me where i am.

I only want to lose about another stone or so, how long would it take with Atkins?

It would be great if LT has already prepared me for Atkins in that i am already in ketosis and have to drink a min of 2ltrs of water a day.
Any help or advice would be really appreciated, thankyou!:)
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Hi there. I did just that last nov. Did 3 weeks lipotrim and then 1 week refers, but didn't reintroduce carbs. Moved to atkins and put on maybe 2lbs but lost more inches over 3-4 more weeks before I went on holidays. It's certainly worth considering and worked for me. Hence why i'm back here now trying to make this WOE one for life... I'm still a relative newbie though and can't tell re weightloss. I wonder myself, if one hasn't got heaps to loose, does Atkins take forever? Anyone know?
Hi and welcome, have you read the stickies at the top of this Atkins forum, you'll find loads of info there.


Size 14 here i come!
Grovergirl thank for reply was wondering if anyone was going to. I'm still unsure and don't like the idea of not losing more weight just the inches.

Jim hi,i did read all the stickys thanks, it got a bit confusing tbh but a friend is lending me her atkins book so maybe after i read it i will be more sure about what to do.
Thanks alot you two!!
Hi there (sorry I refuse to call you stinky breath!!!), I have just moved over from CD and I havent put any weight on yet, in fact ive lost a steady 4 lbs since stopping the CD. I stopped last tuesday and have just had small protein meals. I'm finding that my portion size is so much smaller than usual after living off shakes. I think this week will be the test for me, as its my first week sole atkins. So Im yet to find out really, if I STS then im happy with that. A steady 2-3lb a week would make me happy! I know its slower than a TFR, but sooo much easier. :) xx
Hey again, just to clarify a little... I don't know about weight loss because I haven't been on the plan long enough to know anything for sure, but the size loss over three weeks before Christmas was significant, and meant I could wear all my party clothes, whenever I wanted, knowing they'd fit, and knowing I could eat pretty easily when I'm out without wrecking my head or suffering consequences - which was brilliant.

Best of luck with your next path... you are so motivated and have such great willpower to tackle TFR, I'm sure whatever you choose you'll make a huge success of!
When I was seeing my CD counsellor she was also a nutritionist, and she talked to me alot about me being a 'protien' type, in that I burn that more effectively than carbs. She also said that within our muscles are also cells of fat and that these would reduce also. Some people I think feel that high protein diets make you 'lose muscle' which she said isnt the case its the fat within the muscles. So im wondering if this is where the actual loss of weight isnt so great, but inches loss is?

I'm not really sure about the technicalities, but inch loss is good, and water weighs too so could be a number of reasons :) xx
Hi there (sorry I refuse to call you stinky breath!!!)
Oh I don't know, my first few weeks on induction my breath was awesome in it's ferocity. :D


Size 14 here i come!
Thanks you lot and trust me TFR=bad breath the whole time, yummy!

Pheonix do you find it easy to stick to, is it not alot of faffing about? It's just reading about how many cupfuls of certain veg you can and cannot have, then the sticking to only 20g of carbs, counting cals etc, kinda made my head start to spin. lol
TFR is so simple to follow but as i said i miss food and i would love to give atkins a go, i'm not bothered about it being a steady process, that's fine.
I have tried ww loads of times but i ALWAYS cheat and i find it expensive to follow, i love cooking and would make loads of different reciepes but it would cost me too much money to keep interested!
I shoud have the book tomorrow fingers crossed.

Grovergirl, my will power on TFR is amazing but on ww i am rubbish, i lie to myself constantly. If i know eating something (like on TFR) will bring me out of ketosis i won't touch it but if (like on ww) eating a couple of chips off my sons plate, i can convince myself it won't matter, then 2 become 3 etc etc.
Hi Stinky - yup, that's the exact same for me re TFR V WW and the like. I need rules, and like you, the rod of Ketosis that I have to keep beating myself with! Else it becomes a little bit of this, an extra bit of that... Like others say, I reckon there are a few of us out there like that!!!

Counting carbs isn't too hard when you're just counting from veg/a bit of cheese/cream and dressings/nuts later on etc... it's a small enough pool. And it's much nicer than counting points!!


Size 14 here i come!
What about the full fat everything? I only cook with frylight and can only drink skimmed milk. Butter and full fat milk would make me gag, is it a must? Sorry for all the questions, lol oh and can you have canderal sweetner?
Well, from my basic knowledge, milk is out of the deal completely... and butter, well, I just use a little of that with olive oil for cooking (not much else to put butter *on*, if you get me). The only time I use cream is for mashing things (e.g. cauli) or with scrambled eggs, but it's only a teensy bit - maybe a table spoon. Dressings for salads - mayo or olive oil based ones... I think the only downside with eating can be (ahem) internal... I get terribly bunged up. That's nothing new for lipotrimmers, but uncomfortable if one is eating meals rather than drinking 3 shakes.... and so to fibreclear....


Size 14 here i come!
I guess i can live without milk for a while, i'm doing it now! If i can't have milk, then i don't want tea which meansi won't need canderal, prob sorted. What do find hardest about atkins?
the hardest part? Going to the loo!

No, seriously, I'll have to spend a bit more time on this WOE before I can be more help on that one. I'd a bad lapse during the week when I strayed into trying an atkins bar and suddenly started binging, so I'll be avoiding anything sweet as a mounthful/single portion/whatever is never enough...

What's great is going out for dinner and being able to eat off the menu without having to go for the 'steamed fish' option, and having no guilt or going off on a binge or something...
Trying to stay off alcohol! Ive promised myself im not going to drink this weekend at all. :eek:


Size 14 here i come!
Well i think i can cope with all that, thanks guys. Do any of you use the atkins bars, shakes or other products and if so how do they taste?

If i was going out to an indian restaurant, what could i not have then, apart from the obvious like naan bread. Or could i not have anything because of the high fat content?
Don't talk to me about Atkins bars!!! (see my diary on this thread!).

Indian... my fave is sag paneer and any of the tandooris.... or Tikka (the clay baked, no sauce)... Yum.


Size 14 here i come!
So i can have the dishes without potato and rice and no sauce??
I'm going to check out your thread now.

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