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Switching to Diet Chef?

Hi all

I'm currently doing W8 and have been on their Rapid plan for 7 weeks now. However I'm getting fed up with the meal replacements but love the fast weight loss. I know i'm not supposed to just come off the plan and switch to something else without going through their maintenance as i could put weight back on however I don't want to jeopordise all the weight I've lost by just coming off.

Has anyone else switched from W8/LL/CD to diet chef as I love the look of this diet and think it would be more sustainable long term?

Any advice/help recommended?


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maintaining since June'09
I don't know for sure but I think you'd be better gradually reintroducing 'real' food as you would on your plan's maintenance regime and THEN start a different one. That way you shouldn't regain anything you've lost whereas if you go straight into DC you could have a little gain at first. Just MHO ......

If you ask this question on the Lipotrim or Cambridge forums they might be able to give you a better idea. Sorry - not much help I know but good luck whatever you decide. xx
Thanks and that's what I thought as heard stories of people putting all the weight lost back on. I've put the question to the Head Office of W8 and see what they say. I think I shall follow the maintenance plan and then convert to Diet Chef as it looks good - the food looks lovely and it looks easy to follow.


maintaining since June'09
Yes the food is good and it IS easy to follow. My downfall came when I started making substitutions and found I could 'get away' with things like the odd glass (or 3) of wine. Of course when that happens you (or should I say 'I') push the boundaries further and further until you're not really on the plan at all.

If you stick to it to the letter it is really effective. My problem is I'm very all or nothing. I'm sure you'll do great! xx


Stubborn and doing it
I'm sure you will love the diet once you have gone through the food induction phase. Like Jan says, if you stick to the guidelines you will have great success.

Good luck :)

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