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Swollen Ankles anyone?

Hi. I am on day 17. I am drinking 5-6 litres of water a day. I have noticed the cold feeling in my lower legs/calves more so at night. Also noticed that sometimes my ankles are quite swollen in the evening/night time. Is this just the effect of drinking so much water? If so, will this improve as time goes on and my body adjusts to the water?
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I suffered with swollen ankles and puffy feet a lot until LL - that said, I expected them to disappear after a few weeks and they didn't - I think I might have been retaining the water as I had been severely dehydrated for so many years that my body was making the most of the extra 3 and a half litres! It did get better, but as with anything like this, I would mention it to the doctor at your 28 day checkup.
Hi I have always suffered from swollen ankles but like you did expect them to go down with all the water. Am not overly worried, just not what I expected. However this amount of water is surely going to take some time before my body gets used to it. Still nice glowing skin somehow compensates for the fat ankles LOL !!


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I have always suffered swollen ankles in warm weather, but amazingly have not had them in the past couple of weeks.

I suppose it is weight associated. Maybe the more we lose the less this will happen?
I suffer too i did start a thread about this itshere somewhere started taking aquaban they went down but i think mine is to do with my job say on a pc all day and where the weather warmed up didnt change air con setting and the effects were from the heat of pcs i think as seem to go back to normalish at weekends have now got a foot rest so will see if that helps

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