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Syn day?


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How many of you save your syns for the week to just blow out? I allow myself 10 syns a day, but don't use them, so I get to have 70 once a week.

Tonight is WI, so I use tuesday nights as syn day, so I have the rest of the week to burn it off again.

My treats tonight are a box of viennese whirls and a galaxy hot choc with marshmallows (total: 56.5 syns)

What do you treat yourself to on syn day?
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You should ALWAYS have 5 syns per day. You could have your 70 syn blow out and still be on plan if you had 5 a day. Syns are an important part of what makes the diet balanced and feel like you arent depriving yourself.

So treat yourself to something small!


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But surely if I had 5 syns a day then a 70 syn blow out, that is equivalent to 15 syns a day, and I only allow myself (on advice from my consultant) to have 10. At class last week she said we could either have the 10 per day or save them up.


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i was told you cant save them up? Was told either use between 5 and 15 or just have a one off every now and then flexi syn day?


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yea i also got told its okay do it like once a month as a treat but its not guaranteed a way to have a loss so not recomended every week :(


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I'll have to ask my consultant to clarify tonight then, I haven't had a blow out yet, it's only my 3rd WI, and last week I just added a couple syns a day, but sometimes you just NEEEED something that the regular 10 syns doesn't cover..lol


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I know :( weigh in night .. during day i eat free/superfree foods and save al my syns and have a high syn meal as a treat i dont like naan bread but usually have tikka masala and rice (14.5syns) weigh in night after :)

i know not same but have you tried skinny cow hot chocolate its 2syns per serving and already contains powdered milk so no need add anything at all! it taste lovely!
that might save you few more syns to have a treat :)


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;)so I could have 1 viennese whirl a DAY??? (7 syns each)

Now that WOULD go down well with my cuppa mid day :8855:


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;)so I could have 1 viennese whirl a DAY??? (7 syns each)

Now that WOULD go down well with my cuppa mid day :8855:
lol you could have 1 a day with sc hot chocc total 9 syns... however your other meals cant contain more than 1 syn in total lol :8855:


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I mostly have 13 14 or 15 a day sometimes I go over by 2 or 3 but the next day have 2 or 3 less. I think this is ok but having 50+ syns in one day on a regular basis is not teaching yourself anything all it is teaching you is that binging is ok :rolleyes: thats my thoughts on it anyway. Yes sometimes 10-15 syns really doesnt do it and you would really like that big bar of choc or in my case the whole pack of cakes but eating like this is what got us here in the first place and I dont intend on ever going back to being fat, feeling unattractive and fed up.
Perhaps you could just save yourself an extra 10 over the week every so often so one day that week you can have double syns and if you pick treats that are relatively low in syn value it can mount up 20 syns mmmmm 3 curly wurlys and an options although think I would be sick after 3 curly wurlys lol


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so if you can stick to 1 choc, sc hot choc, how many synd are few marshmellows we got 56syn treat down to 9syn treat so far lol
I don't have SC but i have Options hot choc, in various flavours, so I could do that.... and just have a real blow out once in a while. Course I had my heart set on my blow out tonight, so still going to do it, but then get back to it tomorrow morning.
I thought I was being good not having syns some days but my weight wasnt shifting, so now I make sure I have at least 5 a day (Freddo !!) and have had good weight losses since.


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I think the reason that people think that a flexi-syn day should only be an occasional treat is because it eliminates what makes Slimming World a sustainable way of eating/life. Many diets fail because you are restricted to only the 'diet' food in the day and there is no scope for error. Saving all your syns up for 1 day on a regular basis means that you're living that restricted way 90% of the time then effectively bingeing.

My mother in law also follows Slimming World and she saves all her syns for drinks on the weekend but that means that through the week she's constantly saying "I can't eat that" if someone offers her something she'd have to syn. She's getting good losses now but personally I couldn't eat like that permanently.

You could try having a Syn box. basically you put your syn allowance for snacks in a container and pick at it throughout the week. If you know there's always a treat you could have if you wanted you're more likely to stick to it.
I persoanlly usually have a Freddo or Maltesers and/or some French Fries most days, and that leaves me a few syns for a tablespoon of honey or oyster sauce in my stirfry or some mayo for my SW chips or whatever.
Oh.. no the hot choc isn't 56 syns, thats a PACK of viennese whirls and the hot choc. The viennese whirls are 7 and the galaxy hot choc was 14.5 syns per cup, so that would be 21.5 syns. but thats just for 1 biscuit and the hot choc. I don't have the choc on a regular basis, I just wanted a treat, as I'd been doing well, and I love galaxy hot choc. Normally I have the options if I want hot choc. That is 2 syns per portion too.

As well as losing the weight by being healthy and eating well, I also think it's important not to deprive myself of things I really like, so even if they are only occasional, at least it's not banned.
What I have been doing is trying to have at least 5 syns a day which to be honest isn’t difficult. More often than not I’ve been having in the region of 9 or 10.

However if I had a very special occasion where I couldn’t easily pick something that fitted in with the SW plan I would probably cut back on syns for the rest of the week a bit to cover it.

I know that if I was to say I’ll save all my syns through the week and then have a massive blow out I would probably end up really going way over and then ruining my good work for the rest of the week.
Wow i can't keep up with all the replies LOL

Lisa I like the idea of a syn box... I might just have to do that.
The thing is if you don't have any syns what do you alter when your weight loss slows down?

I'd had between 8-13 a day and always had a loss. If you save up then you are binging which is ok in theory if its controlled a example is a girl at group always goes out for Sunday lunch, its a big family thing she was worried if she said she didn't want to go she would get grief off her PIL. So it was suggested as she always had this meal it was ok to continue and follow plan but instead of 15 syns a day she has 5 and then eats her lunch and chooses a healthier pudding than before she is just over her syns but she still has losses every week if her losses stop she is happy to drop the pudding. Best of all as she can have a hot chocolate each day and a biscuit she is happy.

Another girl saved all her syns had non then would go out drinking on a weekend get so drunk and have a massive pizza she was gaining 3lbs some weeks and complained she was feeling deprived, we tried to get her to see the logic in drinking less having a treat each day but she wanted them for drink she soon left.

Lastly the 10 vs 15 syns many consultants say 10 and the theory in in the first weeks people make mistakes forget the ketchup, use full fat butter cottage cheese instead of low this 35 syn safety net absorbs some of this meaning people can still have a loss on the first week as a gain makes people feel like a failure. After you know the plan inside out then you can drop the safety net but what happens is people know what 28g cheese looks like or just have their tea without measuring the milk buy full sized bread as its cheaper so by saying 10 the consultants are looking after people who weigh out their cereal then eat what they should but back in the box.

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