Syn dilemma!


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cos biscuits are soooooooooooooooooooo much yummier than soup,

I have to be careful as h2b has bought some maryland cookies and had some last night so they are open and i know they are open! If they were closed i wouldnt even think about them!
But i lurve cookies dunked in tea in a morning!



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We have a way of justifying the things we want, don't we. LOL! I guess some things are more important. I generally won't have sweets or bread or anything because I don't like to use too much syns during the day... but come the weekend, I often joyously have a take-away knowing it's the biggest syn-fest of the week... yet won't eat a biscuit!:8855:


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Ooooh, I would much rather use syns on treats rather than food! I really don't like it when I have to use syns on tomato ketchup or stock cubes or in a meal. For me Syns = chocolate/biscuits all the way!!!