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Discussion in 'Syn Values' started by claire86, 15 July 2011.

  1. claire86

    claire86 Well-Known Member

    Hi, I'm having a late tea & fancy some gravy with it, I seen a while bk that you can make a syn free gravy with oxo cubes & water & to thickening it up use Mr mash, I was just wondering if I did that would it be syn free & also if anyone has tried it is it nice? Thank u xx
  2. betterme

    betterme Member

    Oh, I'd love to know also!
  3. claire86

    claire86 Well-Known Member

    Hi, I made it last night 2 oxo cubes with water then added Mr mash to thickening it up, it was soooooo nice. I love gravy & now I can have it & if oxo cubes are syn free & Mr mash is free then so is the gravy :) xx
  4. furrysmudge

    furrysmudge Well-Known Member

    brill! cheers for that!!! x
  5. traymanda

    traymanda Well-Known Member

    Hi, so Mr mash is free on EE days, is that right?....xx
  6. chun-ky

    chun-ky Well-Known Member

    I think if its free on green or original its free on EE x
  7. traymanda

    traymanda Well-Known Member

    Aww thanks hun...xx
  8. BeckyT

    BeckyT Always trying!

    Oooooo this is interesting, I might try it tomorrow and see if the hubby notices!

    How many oxo cubes do you use?
  9. claire86

    claire86 Well-Known Member

    I used 2 oxo cubes in a mug and then add the Mr mash to thickening up to my liking, had it last night & I'm currently having it now with boiled potatoes, vedge & lamb shank, lovely jubbly :) it may look quite thick in the mug but once poured its not & its very rich & beef xx
  10. claire86

    claire86 Well-Known Member

    * beefy I meant x
  11. BeckyT

    BeckyT Always trying!

    Mmmmmmm just how I like it! I'll give it a whirl tomorrow

    Thanks for the info x
  12. Mel2

    Mel2 Well-Known Member

    A way to make it even more tasty is do do exactly what you did, but also fry some onions in frylight too. Add them to your gravy and blitz with a hand blender. Makes it really tasty!
  13. betterme

    betterme Member

    Oh, I'm so trying this! Thanks. :)
  14. Miss Wetwipe

    Miss Wetwipe Member

    Sounds great - is it stil point free if you use smash instead of Mr Mash ?
  15. BeckyT

    BeckyT Always trying!

    Yes it would be as Mr Mash is syn free
  16. Illbethin1day :)

    Illbethin1day :) Well-Known Member

    I added the new smash to my stew last nite was lush :) def something worth knowin
  17. BeckyT

    BeckyT Always trying!

    I should add that it's free on green and EE x
  18. Cojmum

    Cojmum Member

    Thanks for this, I really struggled to give up my roast dinners on previous diets, now the only thing that I will syn on is my roast potatoes in the meat juices lol
  19. bennyj

    bennyj Well-Known Member

    Can anyone please tell me what the syn count for Mr Mash is on a red day?

  20. kerry2285

    kerry2285 Well-Known Member

    I believe it's 3 syns on Red.

    Im going to try this tonight bangers (quorn) and mash with onion+smash gravy.....yum!

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