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Syn free lam burgers - ideal for BBQ

Discussion in 'Slimming World Recipes' started by Mrs V, 6 July 2009 Social URL.

  1. Mrs V

    Mrs V Loves Life!

    Hi all,

    I dont tend to add recipies very often, but these burgers I have been making for years and never get tired of them...hope you enjoy them too.
    Seasoning is for you to judge too.

    1 packet lamb mince
    1 sachet of mint
    1 sachet of corriander
    1 tbsp salt
    1 tbsp garlic granules
    Add to taste:
    Paprika, tumeric, ground corriander, garam masala, chilli powder and tandoori powder.

    Blend all ingrediants together in food processor. The lamb has enough fat in it to bind everything.
    Once everything has mixed and pureed, form into thin burgers.
    Preheat a frying pan to seal burgers either side and then put on barbeque (or failing that in a really hot oven) to cook through...squirt over some lemon juice...delicious!

    Word of warning: The burgers will flame up on the barbeque due to the fat, but I can promise you its worth the singed knuckle hair! (lol well other half thought so!!!)
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  3. Mrs V

    Mrs V Loves Life!

    That would be Lamb burgers by the way!
  4. Laurie

    Laurie MM addict

    aww sounds lovely and awfully like the doner kebab recipe on here!
    yum i shouldnt be looking on here im not aloud to eat its making me drawl lol
  5. Mrs V

    Mrs V Loves Life!

    Lol...it is very similar. I have been making these for years!
  6. BritMumInCanada

    BritMumInCanada Gold Member

    oooh they sound good. I already have my meals planned for this week, but will definately be giving it a go next week.

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