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Syn Free Mince?


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My OH just found out on the SW Facebook group that the Lean Beef/Lamb/Pork Mince we have been buying from Asda is not classed as lean enough to be syn free. Having put in the nutrition information on the SW website I am mortified to see that it is 12 syns for the Beef Mince!! :eek:

Can anyone out there let me know where you get your extra lean mince from and whether it is truely syn free??

Thanks in advance,

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Tesco do it 2 for £5 and I think Asda do as well.
Waitrose does it too - it has various categories of mince and puts the fat content on the front of the pack instead of lurking in the small print.

What you should be looking for is around 5% fat.
The problem with descriptions of food like "lean" or "extra lean" is that they have no proper definition. You do need to look at the fat content in the small print.

And while we are on the subject of mince, lots of people think that all turkey mince is free, but it isn't. Again, check the fat percentage.


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I thought we were buying the extra lean from Asda to be honest, it says less than 12% fat. We always use Fry Light and drain the excess off before adding to anything else. Is this the wrong mince / method?
It has to say extra lean mince and you still have to drain the excess fat off. I think the less than 12% one is just lean, but I'm not sure.


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On the subject of turkey mince, bought and used a pack from morrisons the other day, it didn't have fat content labelled on front as you typically do so i checked the nutritional label.. it said per 100g the fat content was 6g. Am i being thick here or does this mean its got 6% fat and is fairly leanish? :confused:
OMG Turkey Mince

Think I have been making a big mistake!!!

I buy Asda Turkey Mince to make meatballs. I just went on Asda Website and got the nutritional info to put into the calculator and its not free!! Something like 8.5 syns for the pack......... AARGGHHHH!! Doesnt sound alot but when you are not counting the syns it puts me over my allowance for the week. Probably the reason I never lose lots of weigh.

I have turkey meatballs once a week.... not anymore!
There was a long chat about turkey mince on Minimins recently, so instead of repeating the information, here is the link:


Lots of useful hints there. It all comes down to picking up the pack, turning it over, and reading the small print, especially the fat content.

And yes, Claracluck, you are right - if it says 6g of fat per 100g, that means 6%, which is not as lean as Waitrose or Sainsbury, but not bad.

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